Friday, October 30, 2009


Birthdays - happy birthday to Carmel Moylan on celebrating an ‘important’ birthday recently…..
I’ve no sympathy for her, she looks bloody great……
Belated birthday wishes to Mary Kelly and indeed, belated get well wishes to you also.

And to the mighty Mick (Micheal) Ryan from the Front Street, three score. Mick’s son Leonard won a bronze medal at the World Transplant Games in Australia to give his Da an early birthday present

To all the students who received college or university places recently – not easy in these tough economic times, so make the best of student life whilst you can.

Get well wishes to Elizabeth Deegan, supermam, super stylist, superwoman!

Gerry’s feel good factor
Do you know its always great to meet Gerry Stevens out anytime, anywhere – oh yes, he will make a holy show of you if he can and will never miss an opportunity to slag the hell out of you – but he’s such a fun person, always chirpy and cheery. He should be put standing outside the doctor’s clinic every morning, definitely better than medicine or vitamins………..

Wedding bells
Congratulations to newly weds, Emma Marshall and Roy Clarke of Briencan who were married recently in Tulfarris House Hotel and to Anne Winders and Mark Doyle of Boleybeg who celebrated their wedding reception in the Ardenode Country House Hotel. Health and happiness to both couples.

Well Readers, I nearly had heart failure when we collected the July edition of the Bugle and I saw “the late Cecil Winders” name and facing looking out from the handball page………. Totally my fault, I typed the caption weeks earlier, fully intending to run the names by John Browne or Tom O’Rourke before going to press but family matters took precedence and I completely forgot….
Sorry, Cecil who took it in good stead (thank God!). I wasn’t sure which Winders was in the photo – I thought it was Cecil but I knew there was another deceased brother and meant to check it out…..
Also to Justin Byrne whom I named as Fergal……… Blonde month for me!
Apologies again – Rose

IN a small box please:

Oh yes, it is………..Well, not quite!
If you fancy yourself on stage with
The Bandhall Players
for another side splitting panto,
contact Tommy Dwyer on 087 952 4270.

Practise will commence next month so
aspiring thespians, comedians, song and dance artistes,
Be sure to put your name down now.

In a display box:

& Calligraphy
Jospehine Hardiman, continues her One Day Workshops at her studio near Punchestown over the Winter months. Why not brighten up those long dark days of Winter and learn some new skills. Josephine teaches both beginners and improvers and with a maximum of 6 persons per class, you are assured of individual tuition and demonstration.
September 26th Calligraphy, the Art of Fine Writing
October 10th Watercolour, Painting & Flower Studies
October 24th Watercolour, Landscape Painting
November 14th Drawing with Pastels/Landscapes
December 6th Graphie & Charcoal Drawings
Classes are held on Saturdays from 10.30am to 3.30pm. all materials supplied with lightly lunch included. Contact Joesphine for further details – 045 866708 Email

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