Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Tim’s Diary

We seem to be coming out of the cold weather at long last. It has been a spell of very extreme weather and it has really taken a toll on the road surfaces. We even have pot holes on Barrack Street! What a state on the Dublin Road.! Two nice size ones are beginning to develop right outside our front door. The daddy of all pot holes is the one just past the cemetery as you head up towards Ardenode Cross. If you drive fast into it will rattle your teeth let alone your suspension.
As always with Cheltenham over thoughts turn to Aintree and Punchestown. The Grand national renewal is stiil a bit hard to decipher but a few bob each way on Jimmy Mangan’s Whinstone Boy should give you a good run for your money. Punchestown seems a long way away yet but keep and eye out for Special Account.
Staying with the nags look out for a BBC Four Storyville programme which follows a year in the life of three horses in Paul Nolan’s stables. A camera crew follwed Joncol, Ardalan and Cuan na Grai for 12 months through thick and thin. If you are of a sensitive nature be ready for some robust language as PN watches his charges.
Michael Lyons was the previous CEO of AMNCH Hospital in Tallaght.
Profile of Tommy Nugent

Margaret and Tommy

We visited Mr. Tommy Nugent Senior of Ballybought this month - a famous all-round sportsman in years gone by. He was born in Birmingham, England in March 1904 and he was one of a family of four who came to live on the Commons when he was only 4 years old. He went to school in Ballymore and he remembers Miss Hegarty, Miss Kelly, Miss Farrington, Miss Haydon, Miss Byrne and Mr. and Mrs. McBride teaching there at that time. He left school at the age of 13 and went to work for "rich Christy Dunne" in Johnstown Hollywood for 30/= a quarter.

One of the things that stand out in his memory of years ago was the day Tommy Leahy and Mick McDonald held him under the water in the Liffey for "five minutes”. "They left me for dead" he said. "This was the sort of devilment boys got up to in those days".

He loved handball and he remembers Tom and Joe Morrissey building the Ball Alley in 1910. They lived beside the alley where Dr. Purcell now has his stables. The very first Handball Club was formed by Bernard Purcell, Ned O'Rourke, Pat Conner, Blacksmith, Jimmy McGrath, Jim Byrne, Schoolmaster, Jack McGee, Myles McGee, Peter Nugent, and Myles Lawlor. He remembers paying his first 1/= membership fee. The first singles match played there was between Kit Jordan and Patsy Devoy and the first doubles match between Art Doran and Myles Lawlor versus Jimmy McGrath and himself, which the latter pair won. Tommy Leahy was the top player of his time and "I remember playing him for a bet and winning" Tommy recalls gleefully.

As a youngster he carried the newspapers from Harristown station to Ballymore for Graces and McGuires. Jimmy Smith the Blacksmith ran the mail car to Harristown at the same time. On one occasion, he recalls Bernard Purcell having a bet with Jimmy Smith that Tom would beat him in a race to Harristown. Smith drove the car himself as the usual driver, Jim McLoughlin was a pal of his. In spite of all he won the race quite easy.

Football played a big part in his life and he talked of great players like Mickey Dwyer, Tom Donnelly, Myles Lawlor and Winders brothers. He said he won a "Long Kick" competition with a kick of 65 yards from Anthony Nolan and Noel Cullen. Athletics was another sport he enjoyed and he recalls taking part in races with P. Halpin and Jim McLoughlin.

He joined the Fenians in 1917, Frank Driver being a local leader. He worked for some time with the County Council and also on the E.S.B. scheme. He married Margaret Toomey of Ballysize in 1937. He got a house in Bolabeg as he was then employed by Capt. Spencer Freeman and the couple had 6 children. The years passed, times were hard and ill health forced him to retire early. They moved to their present home and he recalls the many friends who saw him through over the years. Mrs. McLoughlin of Tinnycross; Mrs. McGrath, The Commons; Mick McDonald, Mick Maher and Mr and Mrs. Murray of Ardenode.

In later years, his pastime of training donkeys brought him a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. He won many a donkey derby, but when grass got expensive, he had to give this up.

Céilí dancing and old-time waltzing was another great favourite of his, and many was the all-night house dance he attended in the old days.

He is happy to see snobbery gone out of football. He admires to-day’s youth, but blames their parents for over indulging them. He has 5 grandchildren and their eldest son, Pat lives at home with them. He enjoys reading and looks forward to The Echo every month.

(Matt Purcell - Courtesy of Ballymore Echo, November 1977)
Matt’s Memories

For an hour each Saturday at 10am, RTÉ1 has a programme on business. One of those featured on that programme on Saturday, February 27 was Kevin Keenan (Senior). Kevin is still working a full week even though he is 83 years of age. He has a full truck driver’s license and all safety certificates required to work at sand and gravel.

He talked about loading his first truck in 1950 with a shovel and unloading the same way. The tipper truck, washing and screening equipment emerged in time. His two sons now run the business. His son Tom attended the interview with Kevin (Senior).

The Nugents of Ballybought
Madge Nugent is the only surviving Nugent now. She has one girl, two boys and two grandchildren and is married to Des Tyrrell of Blessington. Joe’s wife Rita, two sons and three grandchildren survive the late Joe.

Tommy died in June 1982, aged 78 and Margaret died in August 1983, aged 68. Two girls died in infancy; Lucy Ann died in November 1975, aged 31 while Pat died in August 2000, aged 60 and Joe who died last year, aged 67.

In his younger days, Tommy was a “dog man”. He used to breed and train sheep dogs and had success at the Wicklow dog trials. Two of his dogs were named ‘Fly’ and ‘Spot’. Fly spent her time between Ballybought and Ballysize, Hollywood. Paddy Toomey had his farm at Ballysize and was Margaret’s brother. Fly used to walk the 4 miles along the road between Ballybought and Ballysize regarding both as her home. For the most part, she stayed where she felt most welcome at any given time.

Tommy used to loan Fly to Paddy to gather the sheep off the mountain as she was a wonderful sheep dog and worked so well on the whistle. She was a great help to Paddy as she did the entire running around the mountain and brought the sheep down. She would spend weeks with Paddy and then come back to Ballybought where Tommy would work her with sheep.

Spot was very loyal to Tommy. He was a great housedog and also excelled at the sheep dog trials.
Handball Michael Dowling, who has been in top handball form lately, won a Leinster Golden Masters Singles Title. Over the years, Michael has performed at the highest level, winning a Senior All-Ireland Hard Doubles title in 1990 with no less a player than Tom O'Rourke . To date, Michael has won four All-Ireland titles. In times past, his namesake and late father won three All-Ireland titles including two at senior level. After taking a break from the game, Michael is again playing top class handball - congratulations to you, Michael.

Another provincial winner was Gerry McGrath. Gerry was playing for Wicklow and won the Emerald Masters "B" Singles title. Gerry plays most of his practice matches in Ballymore Eustace and we have come to regard him as one of our own. Like Michael, his next game is against Mayo on March 20. This time the venue is Coolboy and Gerry's opponent is Joe Neary.

Having arrived early for Frances O’Donoghue’s funeral I decided to explore my nearby surroundings. This was my first time in Manor-Kilbride. Next door to the Catholic Church was Craul’s Supermarket. In days gone by, Jimmy Craul and his band used to play for the handball club when it was having its Lenten Dances in the Parish Hall in Ballymore Eustace. I believe Jimmy is now deceased.

Next I came to a school and got talking to a man who referred me to his mother. To my surprise, this lady was very familiar with our Bugle and myself. Little by little, I realised I knew her of old. It was Bridget McLoughlin (nee Conway) who used to live near Ballymore Eustace before marrying Tony McLoughlin. The man I met earlier was their son who now lives near Ballymore Eustace. Chatting to Bridget, we recalled the days when Teresa Shannon was caretaker of the old National School in Ballymore Eustace.

Returning to the Church, the first one I met was John Browne who had been at the funeral of the late Jim Dunworth the previous weekend. Next I met Anthony and Mary Campbell and I sat beside them in the Church. In front of us was one of Alice Cullen’s sons and later, I met Alice herself, she being a sister of the late Frances. Then, I met Rose and little Sophie.

I also met Patsy O’Donoghue and his daughter Sarah, both of whom worked with me in South Dublin County Council. I gather the Campbells were in Manor-Kilbride before at funerals including the funeral of a daughter of the McLoughlins who died in a motorbike accident on the dual carriageway. The last one I met was Mary O’Neill (nee Cullen) now of Rathdowney, Co. Laois.

Congratulations to the History Society, the Juvenile GAA and James Kavanagh on their recent Awards successes. Best wishes to all the nominees who have contributed so much to our community.

As the funerals of Jim Dunworth and Elizabeth (Lil) Horan (nee Flanagan) were both covered in the February Bugle, I won’t go into them further except to say, Jim is interred in St Mary’s Cemetery while Lil is interred in Burgage Cemetery. Reading the February Bugle, I realise I would have known Jim’s wife Kitty and all his children, who of course are all grown up now. Lil Horan is a grandaunt of Barry Hennessy’s wife, Barry being a son of former local resident, Bren Hennessy.

© Matt Purcell (March 8, 2010).
Ballymore Eustace GAA Club
Juvenile Football & Hurling
An Báile Mór
The News
As with every year we plan to run a football academy for children who are attending school in senior
and Junior infants. Given the large numbers of boys and girls currently being catered for in the older
age groups we will not be in a position to run the academy this year unless we get extra help. Due to
the age of the children attending the academy we require a ratio of 1 adult to every 5 children. Please
contact any member of the committee if you are interested in helping out. Unfortunately we will not be
in a position to cater for non primary school going children.
The Boys
The boys U14 team have started the Kildare Féile football competition. In the first game away to
Castledermot the lads started with a win by 4-3 to 2-4. This was a good result given that we were short
a number of the older lads and were losing by 2 points at half time. Despite the half time deficit the
lads rallied to win helped by goals from Ross Fennell, following good work by Stephen Doyle, and
Shane Barrett. Dylan Waters and Enda Stewart Byrne also chipped in with points. In the backs Craig
Byrne and Darragh Kelleher marked their men tightly.
The second game was a home game to Naas which ended in defeat. The lads started well and were
leading coming up to half time but allowed Naas to score 2 goals and were 5 points down at the break.
A great start to the second half saw the lads come more into the game and they scored 1-4 without
reply, the goal coming from Patrick Murphy, to lead by 2 points with 10 minutes remaining.
Unfortunately Naas scored a goal against the run of play and went on to win the game. There were
good performances from Darragh Kelleher, Kevin McLoughlin, Adam Murphy and Stephen Piggot.
Next Juvenile GAA primary school disco will be in the resource centre on Friday 26th March at
7.00pm. Admission will be €4 euro per child (max €6 per family)
Punchestown Festival Disco will go ahead – details to follow
The Girls
The U14 girls played Dunlavin in a challenge game in Dunlavin on Saturday with Dunlavin winning
on a scoreline of 1-2 to 1-1. This was a good workout for the girls and everybody got a run out.
The U10 hurlers continue to take part in the South Board Astro Hurling Blitz in Athy on Sunday
mornings. This is proving to be a very successful event and the lads, mostly U9, are acquitting
themselves very well. The training in the handball alley is paying dividend. This Friday, 12th Marchwill
be the last indoor hurling session in the handball alley.
Hurling training returns to the pitch on Mondays from 29th March at 6.30pm.
More information about the club can be found on our website
http://www.kildare.i e/ballymoreeustacegaa/ and the club has a facebook page that you can become a
fan of Ballymore Eustace GAA to get regular updates.
Coaching motto:Children first, Winning second
Ballymore Eustace GAA Club
Senior GAA
An Báile Mór
Ballymore Eustace GAA Senior Scor Competition.
This is our second consecutive year to be involved in the Kildare finals of Scor Sinsear. The cultural wing of GAA.
Last year we were pipped by much larger clubs like Athy and Maynooth, but we learned valuable lessons from that
This year 2010, the 40th anniversary of Scor, we entered into three categories, Solo Singing, Instrumental Music and
Ballad Group. These were held in Allenwood GAA on 28th Feb. Of the three categories we came second in Ballad
Group and first in Kildare in Instrumental Music, this to represent not only BME but all the clubs of Kildare in this
category in Leinster Semi-finals.
These were held in the lovely village of Ballymore, Co. Westmeath on Sunday 7 March. There was fierce competition
with teams from Longford, Westmeath, Louth and Dublin, but our five members, K & J. Junker, Concertina and
Guitar; J. Harney, Flute; A. Doyle, Fiddle and P. Cassidy, Mandolin and Banjo have made it through to represent
Kildare in the Leinster finals to be held on 28th March again in the village of Ballymore, Co. Westmeath .
Wishing them the very best of luck in the village that bears our name ‘they also wear the same colour jerseys’ sure
this must be destiny.
Keogh Cup Round 1
Ballymore 1-8 Castledermot 2-7
Ballymore got off to a disappointing start to their Keogh Cup campaign with a two point home defeat against a
determined Castledermot side. Ballymore made a dream start and were 1-2 to 0-0 up inside five minutes thanks to a
fisted Eoin Kavanagh goal and points from Steven Dwyer and Mark McCarville putting the home side in the driving
seat. Castledermot then opened their scoring with a point before two Kavanagh points kept Ballymore in control.
Castledermot responded well to the home side’s pressure resulting in three unanswered points to put them firmly back
in the tie. A point from Paul Browne on the stroke of half time gave Ballymore a 1-5 to 4 points lead. Castledermot
came out for the second half a different team and although it was a tight scrappy game the home side were never able
to go up a gear and as a result lost a game they really should have won. Ballymore only scored 3 second half points
from the boot of the slim looking Tommie Archibald, Keith Fennell and an Eoin Kavanagh free. In a disappointing
affair no one player stood out as Ballymore will look to improve in the coming weeks.
Keogh Cup Round 2
Raheens 1-5 Ballymore 3-7
With Raheens having won their first two games and Ballymore losing their opener only a win would keep Ballymore
with any hope of progressing into the semi-finals of the Keogh Cup. Despite Raheens short of some of their regular
starters Ballymore put in a good performance especially in the first half where at half time Ballymore led by 3-4 to 1
point. A goal from Paul Browne, two Eoin Kavanagh penalties and points from Eoin and Shane Kavanagh, Tommie
Archibald and Mark McCarville put the winners in control while Raheens could only respond with a Ross McMahon
free. Raheens applied plenty of pressure in the second half but Ballymore were able to hold out despite a goal from
Kevin Thompson midway through the second half. Two Eoin Kavanagh frees and a point from from play from the
same player was enough to see off the challenge from the home side and put Ballymore back in contention for the
semi-finals. In a much improved team performance Keith Conway, William O’ Donoghue, Alan Rooney, Shane and
Eoin Kavanagh stood out.
More information about the club can be found on our website and the
club has a facebook page that you can become a fan of Ballymore Eustace GAA to get regular updates.
Coaching motto:Children first, Winning second
Ballymore Ladies GFC

Awards Night
The Awards night was held on Saturday 6th March in The Thatch. There was a great attendance by the Ladies team, committee, management and also many supporters. It was an enjoyable night with plenty of dancing despite some unfamiliar tunes! John Hubbard was MC for the night and I think all would agree, he did a great job introducing each award winner. (He may be recruited again for next year!). Congratulations to all the award winners. They were well deserved.

Player of the Year: Stacey Balfe
Throughout the year, Stacey proved to be one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic members of the team. Her sense of fun and fearless attitude were always on hand to lift the team’s spirits through long, cold training sessions (sometimes to the dismay of our management team!). Stacey’s commitment and attendance at training was an example to all. This continued to her performances on the pitch. She was unwavering in the full back line, marking some of the best players our team came up against. Stacey’s dedication and attitude has been further rewarded by being voted captain for 2010.

Young Player of the Year: Teresa Gorman
Despite Teresa’s young age, she is a founding member of the team. Her career began at the tender age of 11 but she has not looked back. She has a fearless attitude and is never fazed when she comes up against bigger, stronger and older opponents. Teresa has had much success with both Ballymore and Eadestown underage, already having a number of championship wins under her belt. The future is definitely bright for this young but experienced player.

Most Improved Player: Louise Burke
Louise Burke has always been a quiet but steady presence on the Ballymore team but this year. Her attitude, dedication and skill has seen her progress into a central, dependable and reliable player. During the last year Louise has played in numerous positions on the pitch. She has accepted these changes without complaint and has used the opportunity to prove her adaptability and talent. We look forward to seeing this continued improvement through 2010 and everyone would do well to remember that no matter where you play Louise is competition!

Club Person of the Year: Jackie Smith
We would like to extend a warm welcome to Jackie who has joined the management team as a selector. We’re sure you’ll keep both Simon and Joe on their toes throughout the year! Jackie has been a steadfast member of the club as player, county board delegate, PRO, and is now vice-chairperson as well as selector for the Ladies team and joint manager of the U/12 girl’s team with Lesley Tutty. She is always on hand to help out within the club through fundraising, representing the club at county board level and cheering on the team at matches.

Jackie has great enthusiasm and efficiency for her work within the club and we are confident that her involvement and relationship with the club will be a long-lasting one.

Special Awards
Special awards were also given to out-going committee members Bid Meade, Jacinta O’Rourke and Sharon O’Donoghue, for their invaluable contribution to the club. They have been involved since the Ladies club was started. A special award was then made to John Hubbard himself for his involvement in team management for the last 3 years, as well as supporting underage teams. He was also one of the founding members of the underage girls’ schools team, which provided many of our mature players with their first experience of football. He will be greatly missed by all team members but will continue to be an avid supporter.

Last Man Standing
Another great effort all round for the Last Man Standing Competition with 156 playing. We managed to get 145 people safely over the first hurdle heading for Week 2, which is a far cry from the usual massacre we experience in Week One. As usual, it is only fair to make a show of a select few who did not get their value for money and never managed to get past week one.

Poor Natasha Graham (Ballymore GAA PRO) bowed out after picking West Ham but fear not, there is still some hope with husband Dave still in with a chance to win the €500. Juvenile GAA players Oonagh Deegan and Amy Horan managed to out smart Paul Murphy who picked Wolves on Mick Horan’s sheet...........but that’s hardly surprising, Paul!!!! Aoife O’Toole managed to keep everyone on her sheet after the first week........a nice surprise for her considering she usually never has ANYONE left at that stage!!! Ballymore Ladies would like to thank everyone involved for your continued support. Best of Luck to those who manage to stay in the competition until the next edition of the Bugle, when we will have another update from Lesley.

Bag Packing
Thanks to all those who helped out and supported the bag-packing in Dunnes Stores in
Blessington on Friday and Saturday, February 26th and 27th.

Training continues every Monday and Wednesday. The Ladies have just finished 6 weeks of aerobics on Mondays in Naas with a noticeable improvement in fitness. Monday and Wednesday training starts at 8pm at the pitch, everyone togged out, ready to train and on the pitch at 8 sharp! The Ladies are also doing a run in Punchestown on Saturday mornings at 10am. The club are looking for new players so if you’re 14 or more (we’ve no max age limit!), please call up to a training session or get in touch with a club member.

Deirdre & Michelle
Ballymore Ladies GFC PROs
Ballymore Eustace Community Games

It's been a busy few weeks for the games. The local art competition took part last month after school and was well attended by a flurry of eager young artists. Results as follows:-

U 8 Girls U 8 Boys
1. Mardi Kinsella 1. Jack Sammon
2. Caitlin Barrett 2. Ryan Duff
3. Laura Gallagher 3. Liam Crowe

U 10 Girls U 10 Boys
1. Tara Ann Murphy 1. Malachy Sammon
2. Orla Clarke 2. Oisin Breslin
3. Sophie Dooley 3. Jack Murphy

U 12 Girls U 12 Boys
1. Kaja Natenek 1. Owen Murphy
2. Rachel Fanning 2. Jordan Deegan
3. Rachel O’ Reilly 3. Aaron Deegan

U 14 Girls U 14 Boys
1. Ellen Carter 1. Patrick Murphy
2. Hazel Stewart-Byrne 2. Tony Og Sheridan
3. Victoria Natanek 3. Zac Kinsella

As usual, the standard was very high and Aileen Murphy, resident artist with the local art group, had an extremely difficult time picking three from each category. Special thanks to Aileen for kindly judging the competition and to all the mums who volunteered to supervise and organise the event on the day. Thanks also to Mairead O' Flynn for allowing the use of the school.

The County Art Final was held in Newbridge early this month and Jack Sammon came first in his category to bring home a gold county medal - well done Jack - a great achievement - and to everyone who took part on the day.

Cross Country

The football pitch was the venue for this event with results as follows:-

Boys U-10 - 400m
1 Tadgh Barrett
2 James O'Brien
3 Conor Gilroy

Girls U-10 - 400m
1 Caoimhe Winders
2 Tara Winders
3 Katie Gilroy

Boys U-13 - 1200m
1 Caolin Halpin
2 Mark Barrett
3 Aaron Deegan

GIRLS U-13 - 1200m
1 Amy Horan
2 Niamh Winders
3 Kim Kelly

Many thanks to Jarlath Gilroy for organising this event.

The Cross Country County Finals took place in Newbridge. Well done to Kim Kelly who came 5th in the U-13 county final and therefore qualified to represent Kildare in the National Finals in Athlone next month. Also, well done to Amy Horan, Caolin Halpin and Aaron Deegan who ran excellent races against very stiff competition.

Political Correspondence:

Deputy Seán Power tabled a parliamentary question to the Minister for the Environment & Local Government seeking an update on the construction of a new waste water treatment plant for Ballymore Eustace, Co Kildare. In his reply, Minister Gormley (dated 23rd February, 2010) confirmed that the Ballymore Eustace Wastewater Treatment Plant was included in the Department's Water Services Investment Programme 2007-2009 under the serviced land initiative. However, in April 2009, following a review of the serviced land initiative the Department informed all local authorities that this scheme was being discontinued and that all existing scheme approvals were withdrawn. This was due to the economy and in particular, the oversupply of housing in some areas.

Since then, the Minister informed local authorities that where they were of the opinion the continuation of a scheme was necessary for the proper development of an area, it was open to them to make a case to the Department by 29th May 2009 and KCC resubmitted for the Ballymore Eustace scheme; a decision is expected from the Department in the coming weeks.