Thursday, May 6, 2010


The kindergarten or “child’s garden” gives children a little safe space, all of their own. Created to inspire a sense of peace and harmony there is a lovely atmosphere as soon as you cross the threshold….The colours are muted and beautiful and the toys are usually made of natural materials , with lots of wood, baskets of stones, wool and pinecones. Children enjoy singing together, cooking each day and of course lots of creative work involving paint and pastel crayons. A big part of the Steiner Kindergarten is also the child’s interaction with nature, and everyday sees small adventures in the outdoors, in our lovely play area, or on walks into the woods. If you would like to come along and see our magical place, call Angie on 086 4005211 and she will arrange a visit.

The services provided to members take care of most of the financial requirements year by year.

The best way to utilize the credit union is to arrange a loan with them.

Loans represent some of the best value in the market. We have the following loan products available to members
What are the interest rates on loans with Naas Credit Union?
Motor Loans – 6.9% APR
Standard Personal Loans – 9.25% APR
Home Improvements Loans – 7.75% APR
Student ‘Bright Spark’ Loans – 7.75% APR

What are the benefits of borrowing from Naas Credit Union?
Interest is charged on the reducing balance of the loan, that way you pay less interest as the loan decreases.
No “Hidden Costs” There are no documentation, completion or other arrangement fees.
No penalties for early loan repayment.
Free Loan Protection Insurance –your loan is paid off in the event of your death or permanent disability (Terms and conditions apply).
We can support flexible repayment options, additional repayments can be made at any time to your loan without penalty.
We are not affected by the European Central Bank rate, so unlike many other institutions, there is no need to worry about the ECB interest rate increases with the Credit Union.
Competitive Repayment Protection Insurance product is available.
Top up loans are available.
The difference between Inclusive and Reducing repayment options
Inclusive repayments give the members a flat repayment for the life of the loan. initial repayments will be cheaper at the start but more interest is repaid by the member.
Reducing repayments are more expensive at the start however the member pays less interest overall
The Credit Union was set up to lend to members for productive means and we must also ensure the safety of our members savings. It is therefore necessary to establish a members repayment capacity prior to granting a loan. To help establish this we will request the following documentation from our members in support of their loan application
Income verification
3 months Bank statements

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