Friday, October 30, 2009

I have tried mightily to resist this but after Saturdays match against Down I gave in. After all what bad poet could resist a manager whose name rhymes with the county that he manages.!!!

The Ballad of Tony Hannon
From Ballymore long ago he came,
Fleet of foot and sure of aim,
Right or left boot like from a cannon,
The giant that they call Tony Hannon.

He pulled on the jersey of Ballymore,
Not the green/gold but the blue and d’or,
Any took his place on Aughrim field,
His boot some scores would surely yield.

He plied his trade as a Hollywood son,
No not the US bit off the N 81.
And soon became a clubman champ,
In wind, or fine or even damp.

Then came a man from Waterville,
He’d been round, many bainisteoir roles did fill,
“I’ll have to bring just one good man in,”
Who heard the call, one Tony Hannon.

His dad’s monument just might be Hillcrest,
But Tony Junior will not rest,
Until In Croker the Garden County lands,
And On Sam Maguire he gets his hands.

You know we are behind the Lilywhite side,
Our own James we watch with pride,
But as the Wicklow boys they ran on,
A lot of Ballymore eyes were on Tony Hannon.

So Pat Spillane is back on the telly,
He tells it like it is, straight from the belly,
And two hundred miles right up to Wicklow,
It’s three times a week for the man called Micko.

What small village can have such a boast,
One on a county team is enough for most,
But in Ballymore we have a BRACE,
James for the Lily’s and Tony, Wicklow Ace.

Up in Avon Ri big Conal is a quiver,
Cause down by the banks of the Liffey river,
TWO men are plotting his downfall,
And hope to knock him off the ball.

So raise a cheer for our county neighbour,
And wish Micko well in his hard labour,
We feel pride when runs our local man on,
So give three cheers for Tony Hannon TR

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