Friday, October 30, 2009

Gavin Daly, Nuala Byrne, James McCarron, Tommy Deegan, Michael Horan

Tommy Deegan’s - President’s Prize
It was a super day for the Deegan family and all who played this outing in Baltinglass Golf Club. The course was in great condition and surprisingly, no rain! Tommy was at the first tee taking photo’s, and welcoming everyone. (Or was he having a laugh at the reaction to the huge incline that is, the first hole..?!!) One thing is certain though, Tommy was enjoying himself and this set the tone for the day. There was a strong sense of pride in his club and in his role as President on this occasion.

Not alone was it President’s prize, we were playing for the Tommy Byrne Perpetual Trophy. Nuala made the presentation to the overall winner, James McCarron. Although James never knew Tommy Byrne, he acknowledged the high regard in which he was held amongst his many golfing friends. James is a regular on the podium, but was clearly delighted to take home this trophy. Well done James.

The entire day had a real feel good factor to it, the welcome on the first tee, the eighteenth hole, the exceptionally friendly staff, good food, good friends, really good entertainment! It was a fine and well deserved tribute to this year’s President, Tommy Deegan.

1st James McCarron
2nd Micheal McGrath
3rd Steve Deegan
Best Gross Micky Dowling

Cat 1 1st Paul Murphy
2nd Dick Shaw
Cat 2 1st Chris Breslin
2nd Ann Daly
Cat 3 1st Catherine Field
2nd Mick Horan
Cat 4 1st John Hubbard
2nd Mary Deegan
Front 9 Brendan Daly
Back 9 Tommy Deegan (President)

Longest Drive s: Paul Murphy, Ann Daly
Nearest Pin: Chris Breslin
2’s club: Gavin Daly, Brendan Mulhare, Paul Murphy Chris Breslin, Seth DeLabre, Noel Headon, Brendan Daly, John Murphy

Ann Daly
Catherine Field

Johnny Murphy

Congratulations and best wishes to Roy and Emma Clarke who were married recently.

Good luck to Michael Horan on his big day!

Bits ‘n Bobs with Rose
Buy a Bandana for Barretstown with photo supplied, no caption ness
RTE’s Aidan Power is the face of this year’s fundraising campaign “Buy a Bandana for Barretstown” and boy, does he look cool! The bandana was chosen as a symbol for one of Barretstown’s biggest fundraising initiatives because certain forms of cancer treatment lead to hair loss and many children then choose to wear a bandana. At Barretstown camp, you will see bandanas of all colours, shapes and fabrics….so what better symbol to use to raise much needed funds for this wonderful charity.
The new vibrant red bandana will be on sale throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland from the 17th September to 31st October for just €2/£2. What a nice ‘stocking filler’ it would make for the festive season….. This year, Barretstown hopes to raise over €200,000 from sales of the bandana so make sure you’re a ‘head’ of the posse and wear yours with pride! You know the important work Barretstown carries out – please support this campaign which serves children across the world.
See for further details
Superior TV
Readers, there are certain programmes on TV which make me feel superior – yes, just by watching American Idol (to which I am addicted) and the Jerermy Kyle Show (which I hope never to be addicted to), I feel superior – or at least, I feel in better form than before I tuned in……..

Let me explain. Paula Abdul, former pop star, who amassed great wealth from her chart hits and videos is one of the judging panel, along with Randy, Cara and Simon Cowell.
I’m tuning into the re-runs of last year’s show and each week, we see the torment of the contestants as they perform and await the viewers vote to see who is eliminated and heading home. The aspiring stars take centre stage and then the judges give their reviews on each performance. Imagine Readers, if you will, a contestant who doesn’t perform well, sings off key in places, a bit ‘pitchy’ here and there………

Randy is the first to give his opinion.
“Yo, what’s happenin’ my man? You know I dig you, Dude, I feel your vibes but tonight, it ain’t happenin’ for me….Last week, you were The Dog, Man, you were up there but tonight, I just don’t know, I ain’t feelin’ it…….. “
Roughly translated: the performance wasn’t good, the song wasn’t suitable, you sang out of tune and didn’t make the song your own….

Next up is the bold Paula:
“You know I love you, you’re doing a great job…….you look wonderful tonight…. the camera loves you………….this was a tough performance for me…. you have a wonderful falsetto but tonight, you weren’t always reaching the high notes but you know, I respect you for being true to yourself and who you are and what you represent… know I love you” And that means what?

Simon Cowell gives his opinion: “That was horrendous, absolutely appalling. You sang out of tune, I almost fell asleep as that was the most boring arrangement ever.” No translation necessary.

I don’t expect all four judges to agree on everything but my God, Paula Abdul twitters on in the most ridiculous fashion and doesn’t make an ounce of sense…… Where did she learn to speak English? Did anyone ever tell her a sentence has a beginning and an end? She could speak for three minutes and not make one jot of sense……… I can do that too but no one would pay to listen to me………..

As for Jeremy Kyle’s show, could there really be that many stupid people in Great Britain? Don’t be so quick to reply….. Why on earth would anyone come on an international television programme and air their problems in public. I admit to being mesmerized one Friday morning when a young man was asked by Jeremy Kyle had he slept around, cheated on his partner, fathered a child and passed a contagious disease to another woman – we can skip the finer details here. As innocent looking as the Infant Jesus, he protested “No, no, no, no….” to all accusations – a definitive denial and of course, ‘he loved his partner…..’

Well, you know what’s coming………..the show builds up to the Lie Detector Finale and once again, the man is asked the questions and again, denies all.

Out come the results of the Lie Detector test which scream “Liar, Liar, Liar…..” And yer man sits there a tad surprised, shrugs his shoulders, admits he was lying and leaves the set. I don’t get it, why would you come on tv and make an even bigger pillock of oneself………mmh, you’d have to be a pillock to begin without. Surely, there are laws protecting people of lesser intelligence (or lower morals) from exposing themselves on national media? There should be……….. for their sake and ours! The only one getting rich here is Jeremy Kyle.

Ah well, I just thought I’d share that with you. Thank you, Paula Abdul and Jeremy Kyle – you make me feel good!

The Late Kitty Shannon
Recently, a dear friend of mine died, the late Kitty Shannon of Burgage which is actually in our parish. Many is the happy night I stayed in Shannon’s house and I never met a calmer, kinder person. It wasn’t a large house but there was always room for pals who came back with the girls after a disco in St Joseph’s. No matter how many extra appeared on Saturday morning, Kitty had an expandable packet of back rashers – “I’ll throw on a rasher for you” she’d say as she forked a slice of batch bread and held it over the open fireplace. And my God, Jamie Oliver couldn’t match Kitty’s bacon butties.

The woman had 8 children of her own, didn’t drive but cycled daily to the shops (until latter years) and insisted on spreading her custom throughout the shops in Blessington – Hennessy’s, O’Hora’s, the butchers, McGreals, Super Valu and then into Centra………. She felt duty bound to support all the shops that supported her over the years.
Kitty was a ‘peoples-person’ who took huge interest in the families of her neighbours and friends and will be sadly missed by all in Burgage. Originally from Eadestown, she was an avid GAA fan and supported both Wicklow and Kildare – indeed, the weekend she died was the clash between the two counties and she fully expected to watch the game on tv. She was renowned also for her deep faith and devotion to Padre Pio. (And also devoted to the Donegal Crooner, Daniel O’Donnell but was disappointed in his last concert when “he wore tight trousers and did too much prancing around”.)
Predeceased by her husband Tom, Kitty is survived by daughters Kay, Mary and Patricia; sons Tommy, Martin, Ciaran, Christopher and George, grandchildren, sons and daughters in law etc. She will be missed by her many neighbours and friends in Blessington where the Shannon kitchen was open to generations of youth. She was renowned too for her love of animals, having always had a ‘tribe’ of cats and generations of dogs – all named “Prince” - and a yard full of fowl. The Late Kitty Shannon of Burgage, salt of the earth, an absolute dote. God Bless you, Kitty, rest in peace, amen.


We, the family of the late Patrick (Pat) Nugent of 594 Briencan, Ballymore Eustace would like to thank most sincerely all who sympathised with us on the sad loss of our dear brother Pat, son of Mona and the late Patrick Nugent.

To all who sent Mass Cards, perpetual enrolments and letters of sympathy. To the Naas Ambulance Service, Naas Gardai, Dr.Fay, Fr. McDonnell and Hughes Funeral Directors.

To Fr. Kelly, Shay and Margaret Eustace for making the funeral mass so special for Pat. To all the staff and friends of Kare Naas.

A sincere thanks to close relatives, neighbours and friends who helped and supported us during our difficult days and to those who travelled long distances to be with us to attend the removal, Funeral Mass and burial.

As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually, please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our sincere appreciation.
The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions.


September, September, will we remember…
The beginning of the school year in Kindergarten is very exciting this year for some young and new children have joined our group.

In a few weeks of playing and meeting each other and learning the “kindergarten ways” we all will settle in and enjoy each other’s company.

Our first big festival is going to be the Lantern Walk and after our parents have made beautiful lanterns for us we will be surprised by a wonderful puppet show and afterwards we all will brave the season and dare to go for a walk with our lanterns….
The wind will be huffing and puffing, but we love it!

All together we welcome the first of Advent and with it the wonderful walk through the Advent Garden, or also called Advent Spiral. Many of the children will bring their small and big siblings and everybody will wander through the dark to bring light into each other’s hearts.
A wonderful event.

The Christmas preparation is an amazing event. Peacefully and magically the children play and help each other while we all are busy baking biscuits, practicing our play, making gifts, sewing….and wishing wishes.
I wonder whether they come all true.

Allow half page for Only Worn Once section please
ONLY WORN ONCE Clothing Boutique
At O’Keefe’s Home & Garden Centre, Naas Road

An unusual boutique recently opened by Megan O’Keefe and selling, as the name suggests,
“Only Worn Once” clothing. Wedding dresses, gowns, bridesmaid and debs’ dresses, special outfits for the races, function or family party. Better still, Megan’s new shop includes jewellery, shoes and bags.

How many of you have hundreds of euros worth of designer clothes lying in the back of the wardrobe? Well, I have! (Usually too small or bought on impulse and then I hate it when I get home). Ladies, don’t tell me most of you don’t do the same………..

Debs Wear
In these changing times and trends, why spend €400 / €600 on a gown or debs’ dress when you can pick up a lovely dress, new or only worn once from €50! Wow, in difficult economic times, that sounds like a winner to me. Megan has a large selection of Bridal gowns from €140 and brides-maids’ dresses from €50.

How it works?
Megan accepts clean outfits, she puts a small mark up on top of your price and when she sells the items, she calls you to come and collect your money. Nice and simple, everybody wins, you get more space in your wardrobe, a few euros in your purse and we’re all happy! Best of luck to you, Megan – great to see a young person taking a new initiative – Rose

“Come and visit our new clothing boutique, where you can try on items in comfort, no appointment nessecary. See our large selection
of styles and colours. Amazing gowns, fancy shoes and handbags.” – Megan

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