Friday, October 30, 2009

Matt’s Memories

James Kavanagh
Delighted to see James Kavanagh, who performed well against Wexford, again did so in his Leinster Senior GAA Football match against Laois. Kildare qualified for this year’s Leinster Final against Dublin who were in terrific form against Westmeath in their semi-final match. They didn’t win on the day but they played a lot better than any of the sports columnists predicted – I look forward to the next draw for Kildare. James is a son of Vincent and Oonagh Kavanagh. In times past, Vincent served on the Handball Community Development Committee and also on the Handball Community Management Committee on which Vincent was one of our top fundraisers. Oonagh for her part was to the forefront on the Athletic Committee and always a great GAA supporter.

Deegans of Chapel Street
In the early fifties, the late grandfather of the Deegans of Chapel Street and Dinny Lynch did work on the lawn for my late father. Nowadays, a Rotovator would do such work. Despite this hard work, Mr. Deegan lived to be over ninety years of age. His son, Edward, did a great three page Profile for the Ballymore Echo in February 1979. Edward was born in May 1907. Edward’s son John did the artwork for the front page of the Ballymore Echo.

Recently met D.J.Cullen of Elverstown coming from Mass and he was in good spirits. Sometime ago I met D.J. with a sister of his that I used to see near Rathgar Road in Dublin.

By the time you read this, Peter McGrath will have celebrated his 84th birthday.

Dropped in to Janet Deegan and found her showing photos on her laptop of her time with Denise Kelly and the Neil Mellon enterprise in Capetown which was featured in a recent edition of the Bugle. Having enjoyed some of the photos, I had to go on my way.

Anniversaries May 9 and 10
On May 9 the anniversaries of Tom Gill, Michael Coyle (Mylerstown), Elizabeth Bolger
and Sister Marion (Isle of White – Lil Halpin) were celebrated. The following day, the
anniversaries of Teddy and Elizabeth Deegan of Briencan and their son Terry were
celebrated. Pat Deegan’s (Dowdenstown) anniversary was also celebrated. On the same
date the anniversaries of May Cott, Mary Conway and Margaret Taylor were also
celebrated. The Leinster Leader carried an In Memoriam from Patricia Gordon
O’Brien for the 11th anniversary of May Cott.
Recently met Lisa Rooney (nee Winder) for the first time in a long while. Lisa is now the proud mother of four children the youngest of whom was with her along with two of Pat Tracey’s children. Lisa is a daughter of Pious and Geraldine Winder and sister of Trevor and Paula. In my handballing days, I often visited the Winders and had many a game with Pious with whom I won my sole Senior All-Ireland title.
The Singer
I suppose I should not have been surprised but I had never seen Gail Kinsella (nee Murphy) in a choir before. To date, I have not heard her sing but I guess as she is in the choir that she has inherited her late father, Johnny’s singing voice (as has Aine). Heretofore, I assumed her expertise extended only to planning and artistry matters.
The Experts
When I used to visit St Mary’s Cemetery I frequently met Bridgie and Johnny Cooke there. Usually, they were maintaining the grave of Bridgie’s brother Sean and his wife Jean. Bridgie’s parents are buried in Naas Cemetery as is Bridgie’s brother Gerry. Bridgie’s brother Tommy is buried in Dublin but I cannot say I knew him. Bridgie’s brother Dinny is buried in St Mary’s Cemetery. In days gone by, the late Dinny bought his cottage and site at Dowdenstown from my late aunt Jane and her husband Stephen O’Connor. Talking to Bridgie, I gather she knew my late mother’s people, the Keegans of Two-Mile-House, well.
Leader Photos
On April 9 the Leader carried photos of Lorcan and Phil O’Rourke, Seamus “Sos” and
Colette Dowling and Fr Joe McDermott all of whom were supporting Newbridge Parish
Day at the Curragh Races. Up to January last, Lorcan was the handball Riarthoir and had
been since the late Joe Lynch retired from that position about twenty years before.
Seamus Dowling was a good football player and for a time he Managed the Kildare
Senior GAA Football Team. His wife Colette ran a travel agency in Newbridge.

On May 7 Emma Harris’s picture appeared in the Leinster Leader in recognition that the
15 year old had written a book – quite an achievement for one so young. On the same
date, the Leisure Section of the Leinster Leader contained a photo of Grainne Glancy in
the company of Leighlann and Heidi MacKenzie-Smith.

Recently, the Leinster Leader ran a series called: My First School Photos. This series ended with photos of children from Ballymore Eustace but did not contain any captions.

Marie Wolfe
Reading the May Bugle, I see I referred to Maria Wolfe when I should have referred to her as Marie Wolfe. Apologies Marie.

© Matt Purcell (June 30, 2009).

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