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FR KEVIN LYON - PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITIONRUSSBOROUGH HOUSE, BLESSINGTON, CO. WICKLOW10TH – 18TH MAY 2008An Exhibition of Fr Kevin Lyon’s photographs will be held in Russborough House, Blessington, Co. Wicklow from 10th – 18th May 2008. Fr Kevin Lyon, Archdeacon of Glendalough and based at Crosschapel in Blessington, is an award winning photographer whose work can be seen in card and calendar form as well as appearing in the recently published book ‘Ceiliuradh’. His photographs have been the subject of two guide books, Vale of Avoca (1967 – which ran to 12 editions) and Croghan Valley (1969). His artistic eye and his talent for spotting good composition won him The Pentax Prize in 1964 and The Slattery Prize in 1967.Fr. Lyon took up photography seriously in the latter part of the 1950’s, when he was posted to the parish of Coolock-Artane. He photographed the entire parish which was in his pastoral care. Today, this area is divided into five parishes. His photographs, which are mostly in slide form, are now in the care of the Marist Fathers in Coolock as an historical record of the entire area.When Fr Lyon moved to the parish of Avoca in 1963, his slide shows and accompanying commentary filled the local Avonmore Hall and Ballycoog Hall to capacity on Sunday nights. As a result of these shows, the guide books ‘Vale of Avoca’ and ‘Croghan Valley’ came into being. The slide show was called ‘Avoca Review’. Half a crown for adults, one shilling for children!Today, Fr Kevin Lyon is as busy as ever with his camera. He produces wonderful notelets and cards, suitable for every occasion, which are very much in demand in the Blessington area.The Exhibition at Russborough will be open between 11.00am and 3.00pm. each day.

Why meditate and what are the benefits?

The first principal of mediation is to be able and to learn to narrow attention to a manageable level. The aim is to free the consciousness from the over ridding control of the logical conscious mind, in other words to cease the consistent chatter of the mind, the talking to self which can dominate our waking lives.

Mindful Meditation, which will be taught on the six-week course, will be to focus on the breath. This may sound simple but as many of us know only too well, it can prove difficult to focus single mindedly on one mental target, our undisciplined habits of mind are hard to break. In the practice over the six weeks you will learn many techniques to achieve a still quiet mind.

Meditation tends to alter the way your existence is experienced. Meditation is one of the paths where we experience a sense of inner peace. Whichever usage you want to make of meditation, physical well-being or spiritual experience or both, it can bring positive and beneficial improvements to your present condition.

Mindful meditation is not linked to any religion and accepts all creeds.

My aim as your teacher of this profound practice is to assist you to empty the conscious mind and thereby clearing stressful and self-limiting thoughts. As we learn to be still and go within, you begin to transcend the everyday level of consciousness, the clutter of the here and now and move towards opening up pathways to the unconscious mind.

Benefits of Meditation:

It reduces high blood pressure
Reduces or eradicates dependency on addictive substances
Reduces Depression
Lowers Stress levels and anxiety and panic attacks
Helps with insomnia and sleep disturbances
Increases energy levels

Meditation is a soulful and meaningful discipline in our lives assisting us to appreciate the quiet, stillness and reverence within our heart selves and assist us to connect mind, body and spirit.

Who is your teacher?

Margaret Lawlor Dip RCc, Dip IICH qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor and Mindful Meditation Practitioner.

I have worked in the field of Health & Wellness for over 25 years and my deepest desire is to share my knowledge, experience and a way forward, which may assist in each and every one of ours ability to experience and cope with life in more harmony and peace.

“ To reach your inner most feelings, to touch the soul of who you are and know it, is a path that requires discipline, reverence and going within to the silence of the here and now”.

Where: Ballymore Eustace Village Parish Hall
When: Tues 8th April to May 6th
Time: 7pm to 9pm

Donation : For the Six Weeks Wages €130 Unwaged €80 All considered please chat to me

Saturday 19th of April
Punchestown Festival Queen, doors Open 7.30pm
Tuesday 22nd of April
Parade starts in Liffey Heights 7pm
Street disco by D.J. Murt from 8pm untill10pm
with prizes for best costume’s
Wednesday 23rd of April
Battle of the Bands from 7pm until 10pm
Thursday 24th of April
Guinness Jazz Festival Band starts 7pm
Bar Man or womens race 8pm
After the race the Guinness Band continues until 10pm
Friday 25th of April
Music from Funky Junction, playing from 7.30pm until 10pm
Saturday 26th of April
Music by Hollywoods Traditional Irish Music group ‘Ark’
7pm until 10pm

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