Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam,

my name is Damien O Sullivan from Co Armagh. Icame across your web page about Ballymore Eustace.i was wondering if you would be able to help me. I am currently in the process of researching my family tree. I have gone back past my own grandfather and I’m now back in the 1880s and my great grandfather was from the Ballymore area, knowledge of the man is fairly slim, but here’s what i know..he was from a family of six children their names where john,(my great grandfather).Tom, Jim, Denis, Hannah and Molly. I know they were form the area between Ballymore and Two Mile House, and that’s about it There’s a possibility that they are buried in Two Mile House. As far as i know they worked for some Baroness or other, anyway maybe you know of a local historian in the area who would be of any help or even some of the older residents with a sharp memory. I believe the youngest of the family Dennis only died in the last 25 years or so, any help would be greatly appreciated
p.s. disregard my surname O Sullivan as i believe they just called themselves Sullivan ...many thanks.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently purchased your latest issue of the bugle and was looking forward to the picture of my dad with some of his grandchildren.... I and other members of my family are not impressed with what was wrote underneath the picture...
Tommy has a total of 26 grandchildren and they are all his grandchildren and the matter of different names should not have come into it.... This is the man who has been there for all of his grandchildren since they were born not one of them no any different..... So I would like very much if this matter was rectified in your next issue....


Alice Doyle (Dooley)

The Committee of the Ballymore Eustace Community Playgroup wish to thank everyone who supported our recent Table Quiz. We would like to give a special mention to the Ladies Football Club for their generous donation and for allowing us to auction tickets at their fundraising night.

Village Green garden club

The Village Green garden club in Ballymore Eustace got off to a new seasonal start with a great turnout of members to hear Jane MCCorkell, Bsc. MLA give a rivetting and fascinating talk and slide show on landscaping.

Jane is a graduate of the Royal Horticultural College in London and after a successfull career as a lecturer in horticulture now works as a landscape architect and horticultural consultant.

Her talk was fun and very informative as she went through the wide variations on landscaping from the very formal geometrical designs of the famous landscapers to the more relaxed planting which suits many lifestyles today as it is low maintenance with 'plenty of bang for your buck'. She showed how a simple swathe of silver barked trees with wavy lavender at their feet can create a fantastic impact. And she gave the members a tantalising glimpse of a few corners of her own beautiful garden to illustrate how to achieve a certain effect.
She was very generous with her time and her information and she left a very satisfied group looking forward to the next grardening club talk on March 27.
Jane was a prizewinner at the first ever Floom Irish Flower Festival in the Phoenix Park last year with the wonderful garden she created for Keelings, the fruit importers and you can see her work there again this year as she is already in preparationf or the event in June.

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Matt said...

I read with interest of Damien O’Sullivan’s quest for his genealogical roots. Hopefully what follows will be of help to him. It seems his great grandfather, John O’Sullivan (Sullivan), was a brother of the late Jim Sullivan and the late Dinny Sullivan who lived many years ago in a terraced cottage, now demolished, at Swordlestown. I understand another sibling may have lived at Beggar’s End.

I believe both Jim and Dinny did occasional work for the Punchestown Race Course. For several years,Dinny had breakfast each Sunday after Mass at Whelans beside the Catholic Church. The cottage where the Sullivans lived was located about half way between Ballymore-Eustace and Naas. I presume the reference to a Baroness would be reference to Baroness De Robeck who lived nearby.

Matt Purcell