Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Baldonnel Singers came to Ballymore on leap Day to help out parishes, St. John’s and their catholic counterparts. The Church looked magnificent, helped in no small way by hilary pallisters wonderful touch with the flowers. For a group of such tender years they are very accomplished. Their programme for the show was very ambitious and they carried it off with much aplomb.
They are a pleasure to work with. The twin taskmasters of Margaret Hayes Mahon (on stage) and Colm Molloy (off stage) mean that they are well drilled and socially adept in every circumstance.
While comprising a lot of magnificent men from flying machines, they also number among their members the aforementioned CJM Brian Fallon from the noshery in Kilcullen as well as assorted bank managers and other individuals who will be familiar to you. The Soloists Paul Linehan and Margaret’s daughter, Helen were complemented by our own Scoil Mhuire Choir under the direction of Mairead O’Flynn.
Everyone I met was very complimentary of the night, for those of you who didn’t get to the Thatch afterwards the après concert was brilliant as well. CJM directing the members in some wonderful singing. Our own Aine O’Neill contributing “Caledonia” to represent the home side. BF performed 9 if that is the correct term) “ Minnie the Moocher” CJM Showed his sensitive side with “Hard Times (come again no more) and a guest singer with a beautiful voice but alas no name sang a beautiful version of “the Sky Road”
Hats off to the Baldonnels. They are in Kilashee in May for the cancer charity “Hope” Miss them at your peril.

Annual Tournament at Ryston, Newbidge on Sunday, 20th April.

1 Tournament

In support of the local Punchestown Festival, the club will hold its Annual Tournament early this year. The venue is Ryston, Newbidge on Sunday, 20th April. All 76 members have been separated into 6 groups and will play as follows:
Groups 1-3 from 10am to 1pm
Groups 4 – 6 from 1pm to 4pm

With 3 courts to play on, it promises to be a fun-filled day and we would very much welcome support from all for our big event. Tea/coffee and entertainment, Free of charge! All welcome at any time.
Medals, Trophies and Player of the Year Cup will be awarded during festival week (date to be confirmed) “Good Luck to all Members!” – Laura

2 Adult Badminton
Every Thursday in the Bandhall from 8.30pm
All Welcome. Enquiries phone Julie 087 7557332

3 A Big Change!
As we meet each Thursday from 3pm, there are 5 sessions of play to 8,30pm. Unfortunately, “recurring trivial issues” are proving tiem-consuming every hour and every week. In the best interst of all at the club, a big change will apply from September 2008.

Members will only be able to join on an annual basis.
(Currently, 58 of 76 members have been in the club since 2005). Members joining will be allowed to change their hour pending other commitments. An Open Day will be held each Year for new players to try our game. Fees will remain the same as the previous 3 years and our first “ANNUAL CLUB” will run from September 2008-July 2009.

4 Final Season (May to July)
As this will be our last ‘season’ (final night on April 17th), anyone wishing to try badminton for the first time, should do in the opening few weeks of May. Each new member has the opportunity to come for the first 2/3 weeks before deciding if they wish to join our club. (from Sept 08, members will join on an annual basis only).

Beginners 3-4pm
Under 13s 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm
Under 13s 7-8.30pm

(Pick your hour and if possible, keep to the same time each week)

5 Fees
(May 08-July 09)
Season Fee @ €30 per member
Annual Insurance Fee @ €8 per member

(Sept 08 to July 09)
Yearly Fee @ €98 per member
(Reduced fee for 3 or more family members)

6 Festival Parade
Our Very First! We hope to parade our troops somewhere in there! The Black Hoodies are currently thinking of ideas……

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