Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tim’s Diary.

Perspective is a funny thing. The old maxim of the glass being half empty/half full has changed to quarter measure. I still prefer to think the glass is a quarter full rather than three-quarters empty. But I suppose a lot of people’s perspective have been skewed with the current financial difficulties.
There seems to be a witch hunt in parts of the media against the public servants. I suppose that I must bear part of the guilt for the current crisis as I kept my money in the Credit Union, not bailing out the banks. Keeping a 2002 car on the road, never investing in a second property, or second home as they are sometimes called. How anyone can have a second home I don’t know! I also try to shop in this country rather than the North which doesn’t help our currency dealing. I have taken any pay rise due to me, unlike all the people who handed back the increases prior to 2008. So I am guilty as charged. I hope to get a reduced sentence in the light of twenty five years service, the increased flexibility demanded under the terms of the last few pay agreements, the fact that I have worked consistently since I left school at sixteen, that I have paid for my one time in hospital, and the character references provided by people that volunteer in the community alongside me. When Brendan O’Connor et al get me charged and convicted promise that you will write to me.

Kildare County finally succumbed to the inevitable just a week into November. When you see the contract shenanigans ongoing with Derry City you would have been hard set to find any bungs in Newbridge. Money was always tight. A pity all the same for the young supporters.

Two young Ireland supporters myself and Kev, have had a great time in Croke Park for the last few years following the exploits of Staunton’s and Trap’s sides.
I, for one would have taken a runner-up’s spot at the start of the campaign. Unbeaten to boot! Stand up, for the Boys in Green. At our last hurrah in Croke Park, we saw them come a cropper to France. The atmosphere was, as they say electric. If we can get seats in the new Aviva, I hope the fun will continue.

Reality Television is very local in Ireland. I have come across a couple of the Apprentice candidates in their past lives. Why anyone would subject themselves to a b*%%*!@ing from Bill Cullen on a regular basis, I’m sure I don’t know. Also if you are watching the X Factor you will have seen the twins. John Grimes, their Da, has worked in the Paging & Radio industry for years and a more down to earth man is hard to meet. I’m sure the attendances that the Rathangan Drama Society audiences will see a big increase in the New Year. Maith an Fear Sean.