Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Colette sent me off to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza as part of my fiftieth birthday present. We flew into Milan and stayed in a place called Breschia, where they make Beretta pistols. The Monza Grand Prix is staged in a big park, similar to the Phoenix Park. I have followed motor racing through the turbo years of John Watson, through the Professor Prost era, the Senna tragedy, the Schumacher year’s right up to the present day. It was brilliant to be able to witness a full Grand Prix. A truly memorable trip.
Elsewhere I am very happy that we have a bit of Coverage of Arthur’s day. The lovely pics are courtesy of Anna Ward. It was a day to forget about recession and the general mood of depression that pervades the land. Indeed the only mention of NAMA was when someone toasted “to Nama” I was in two places (not at the same time) the Ballymore Inn & Pat Murphy’s. Perhaps Cowan & co. (or whoever follows next) will consider making September 24th a public holiday.
Some of you may have noticed the rivalry between Vodafone and Eircom has hit new heights with the two ads running on TV at the moment. The Vodafone one was shot along Weaver’s Row, but they didn’t paint all the doors red.
“See the Stars” certainly has some set of gears. Just looking at Michael Kinane in the Arc, he didn’t really seem under any pressure as he knows what he had underneath him. Just pushed the button and way he went.
Roy Keane must be on really dodgy ground with Ipswich. All the summer talk about endurance courses and killing pigs etc. is a far cry from some of their recent performances. Closer to home it looks as if the Hoops could win the league in their first year at home in Tallaght. What an achievement that would be and a just reward for all their fans who stuck with them through thick and thin. Kildare County however remain in the doldrums, really struggling at every level. The one positive outcome from Kildare’s first team in the League is the amount of interested generated in underage and schoolboy levels.
Going onto the other code, Kerry had everyone fooled. They came good at just the right time of the year and exacted the ultimate revenge on Cork. Good to see Meath, Wicklow and our own lads doing so well in ’09. The Kildare performance was capped with an all star nomination for James Kavanagh. Vincent is so confident that, when I spoke to him in the Ballymore Inn recently, he had just had a bet of 200 euro at 10/1 on the son getting the award!
Congratulations to Richard Gleeson who wins a Kildare jersey, (for next year’s All- Ireland Final!), for correctly telling us that the Year of the Field Day was 1970! Big Will O’Donoghue says he has more teasers up coming in the next few months. I remember that field day well. Mick Davoren (I think) wrote a song based around “All Kinds of Everything” which Margaret Gordon sang as “Quare Times” paraded around. Correct me if I’m wrong guys!
Poor oul’ Bernard Dunne as on the wrong side of a bad beating from the little Thai fella in the O2. Bernard was accepted into the Fire Service Panel at the end of last year and could be called up for training if he doesn’t go up a weight and make a comeback. The fight aftermath also gave way to some awful jokes, possibly the worst was; what do Michael Jackson and Bernard Dunne have in common? They both wore gloves with no purpose. Come on now, Bernard deserves better.

As the Festive Season fast approaches don’t forget Touch Ireland. A charity shop is set up in O’Keefes Home & Garden on the Naas Road, so give them your support. Whilst on the subject of support, go along to the best one man show in the village. Gus Kavanagh’s Bingo. I always said you’d have to be paid to listen to Gus and that’s what you could be. Monster Jackpots and I’m sure getting near to Christmas there will probably be at turkey or two.

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