Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kay who celebrated a “Big” one earlier this month,
From all the parents and especially all the girls and boys in Playgroup.

Well wasn’t Punchestown really great. All the squabbling about the start times were forgotten when racing kicked off on the Tuesday. We were royally entertained for the Breener’s race. We had a great mix of people, friends family and others hangers on like me. “Ruby Tuesday” started a brilliant week for Walsh/Nicholls/Mullins. Big Zeb gave him a bit of a land though! My nephew Leonard was working for the Irish Kidney Association all the week, Leonard, who is a walking advertisement for the Transplant process, and myself we slagging Lenka Bolger and her little chap Ryan on Wednesday. Lenka, who would know more about greyhounds as she is married to trainer Ray Bolger was posing and managed to make the front page of the Indo on Thursday, pity about the two codgers in the background. Wednesday was my best day betting wise but money from bookies being and interest free loan it was given back on Thursday. Ruby was consistent with winners all the way through the week. Colette came with me on Friday to what must now be the biggest outdoor deb’s party in the world. It has become a great tradition of race week and long may it continue. Seav=n Mulryan got some compensation for Fairyhouse when his Ambobo won well at 11/1. Mr. Mulryan also had an interesting winner at Chantilly earlier in the month with Feels All Right. Fair play to Naas man Niall Cronin for having the liathrodi to manouvere Paddy’s Star into fourth to cap a great week

Speaking of liathrodi Mary Darker was out “knocking on doors” for the Republican Party this week, Fair play, better than just posting the leaflet and running away. The following night Mark Wall canvassed. He is more folliclely challenged than I am. BIlly did call but we missed him. Good men all. Who would be a politician?

Next door neighbor, Noelle Murphy had big celebrations this week wheh handsome husband Henry turned 40. Well done big fella.

“Bill on the hill” will be missed. He was a great man for “hopping the ball2 especially in the Bugle. Deepest sympathy to Myles Maureen & Harry.

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