Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tim’s Christmas Diary
I came very close to meeting my Waterloo on Monday 22nd of October when my van was in collision with a truck on the back road at Brittas. During my recovery I received many good wishes. I am very grateful to those who visited me. Thankfully I am now almost fully recovered. I am driving again so if you see me coming, pull in.

Good to see bravery recognized recently when Supt. Enda Walshe was honoured for tackling a bank raider in Galway. Enda was stationed in Terenure for a while and is of course the brother of the more famous Claire O’ Kelly from Coughlanstown.

Staying with matters of the law, our own Colette passed out into the Garda Reserve last week. We hope to get permission from the Commissioner to interview her for the Bugle in the near future. The long Nails of the law.
P.S. Kevin Donohoe from the Garda Press Office has given us permission so more next month

Our sympathies to Brigid Byrne on the death of her sister Margaret (nee Whelan)

Robert Bracken and his two daughters Kyleigh and Brianne visited us in Ballymore in October and expressed their love for Ballymore as a “real country village” Roberts mother is orinally from Dublin, Bernie Hempenstall. If he keeps his promise to write his memoirs of growing up t will be a best seller. Thanks for all the laughs.

It’s the time of year when we are pleased to thank all the people associated with the Bugle during 2007. Firstly the CDA who continue to support and encourage us. To all our contributors who submit excellent articles month in, month out. Chris Dennison for his wonderful photographs. All the people who help with the folding of the Bugle every month. The shops who sell it in the village, Hollywood, Poulaphouca and Blessington. The people from Ireland and overseas who subscribe each year. And of course you, our loyal readers. Two people deserve a special thank you. Our printer Frances, an angel of patience and good humour and of course, our Rose. Really without Rose the Bugle would simply not be. She is the only thornless Rose I know. Thank you.

Now a serious bit. There has not been a price increase since 2002 on either the cover price or the advertising rates. Five years is a long time for something to stay the same price. Despite rising costs and increased sponsorship of local events, People of the Year, Carman etc. we intend to hold the price of both copies and advertisements for the next twelve months. Our ability to do so is entirely down to the prompt payment of our sales agents and our advertisers. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to continuing refreshed in the New Year.

Brigid Eile. Thanks for your letter. We have asked the Welly organizers about the band. They did not organize the entertainment. Let us know who they are and we will gladly give them a name check.

The demise of some of the businesses in the town is upsetting. When the Thatch closed its doors recently I began to wonder was the village assuming ghost town proportions. It was hearting to see it re-open in short order. Not so the bookies. Tony Hanlon catered for the gambling needs of the town as well as providing a great social hub for people to meet and chat. I hope you enjoy the rest. Tony also sponsored the crossword each month. Tom O’Keefe of Naas Insurances has stepped in to continue the prize fund of what is one of our more popular items each month. Thanks Tom.


Anonymous said...

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