Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ballymore A.F.C. Reunion.

Cajoled by John Browne, 9 as only he can), but ably assisted by others , too important to mention, ( Simon Murphy, Tony & Shay Mahon…) players and management of the League winning sides of 1972/73 and 1980/81 met in reunion in Pat Murphy’s on the 23rd of November.
Michael Kelly’s wonderful, and very unique for the time, video of the 1981 playoff against Tolka Rovers was shown to general acclaim and not a little comment. Practically every move was analysed as if it had just happened moments before and as is changes could be made at any time. Wisely, manager Cremins offered little comment! The video illustrated perfectly what made the team the force it was; commitment and dedication combined with a generous quota of truly talented players.
Great matches, personalities and incidents, both serious and funny were recalled. Most of all outstanding characteristics of team-mates were well remembered and spoken about. Tony Campbell’s commanding bark after another good save, Simon Murphy winning the ball without fail in the air, Jer Mahon’s all round ability and class, Willie Marshall’s lightening feet, Johnny Cremins’ guts and guile, Tony Mahon’s unbelievable goal scoring feats, Brian Clarke’s deftness of touch, Martin O’Mahony’s imitation of the Great Wall of China- impenetrable and superb, Shay Mahon’s footballing intelligence and cleverness, WillHennessy’s great athleticism were but a few of those mentioned. Space is not limitless so Schwer, Farrell, two Graces, three Dooleys, Dwyer, two Burkes, Sheridan White, Glancy, Phelan, Mangan, Coogan, Hilliard and many others must await the War & Peace edition for the 35th anniversary of 72/73, next year! The reminiscences could have gone on forever.
Matt Hilliard, Tom Marshall and Jer Mahon, all gone to a better life, was especially remembered. The enthusiasm, commitment and skills they brought to the Club remains bright in our memories. The tolerance, and even enthusiasm of loved ones, Mary Campbell and Moira Grace prominent, was acknowledged by all.
John Browne, Simon Murphy, Tony & Shay Mahon were thanked for organising the event in, mercifully, short speeches by Johnny Cremins, Manager, and Mick Grace, Club Secretary, of the 1980/81 season
Ballymore Youth Club Update

Since returning in September, the youth club has been running very well with approximately 50 members registering. We have 13 youth leaders and 4 new leaders who recently completed there “leadership training” – Jacinta O’ Rourke, Paul Murphy, John O’ Brien and Martine Rigney – Well Done!

The club finishes Friday 14th December for members and returns on Friday 18th January. At this moment in time we won’t be taking new members due to the volume of members we already have. We will review this in the new year.

Next year we hope to run events for the members and get the kids involved in fundraising to help maintain the club and become actively involved in the community. New year disco will be held in January – date and venue to be confirmed.

The AGM for the youth club will be held on Tuesday 15th January at 8.00pm with venue to be confirmed also.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members and leaders!

Thank you Fiona!

As 2007 draws to a close we at Early Years Parent and Toddler Group want to say a big thank you for all that Fiona Breslin has done during her time as chairperson of the group. Fiona is sadly moving on as her youngest Leisa is now at playschool.

For 3 years she has been a dynamic presence in the day to day running of the group. Not only this, she has also been the organiser of fund raising events, outings for the little ones, and nights out for the mammies. All in all she has helped to make the early years group a haven for the mums as well as for the kids and has been a great unifying force.

Fiona has welcomed many new mums including myself to the group and the community of Ballymore as a whole. I am not alone in feeling gratitude to her for her outgoing and friendly personality, not to mention her organisational skills! As one member said, “every village needs a Fiona!”

We just want to say a big thank you to you Fiona for all your energy and commitment!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

The Committee
EarlyYears Parent and Toddler Group

Good News for Ballymore Eustace

The Sewerage Treatment Plant for Ballymore Eustace moved a step closed this week with the announcement by Kildare County Council that the project will go out on part display in the next two months. When this process is completed it will be advertised for tenders in the 4 Quarter of 2008 and it is envisaged that it will be completed and in operation by the spring of 2010.
I will keep you up dated on the progress of this scheme

Following representations I received from residents in the Kilmalum area I contacted Kildare County Council requesting that work be carried out on the road.
I am pleased to inform you that the Engineer has inspected the road and has agreed to proceed with the road repairs in the coming weeks.
I have requested the engineer to make funds available next year to carry out drainage works and resurface the road when the drainage works are completed.

KTK Levies
Having had numerous phone calls regarding The KTK Community Levy scheme, I am happy to confirm that I’ve spoken to George Perry from Kildare County Council and I’m happy to report that two applicants, Tidy Towns Association and Liffey Heights Residents Association will each receive a cheque for €1,000 and I’m confident this payment will be made this week. It is, at least, a step in the right direction and I will be following up the matter for the New Year

Kind regards – Cllr Willie Callaghan

Village Green Garden Club

It was a dreary November day but it turned out to be a wonderful November evening thanks to Séamus O’Brien the head gardener from Kilmacurragh Aboretum in County Wicklow. He brought us all over the world with his amazing slides. We were in Himalayan bog gardens and them in the next breath we were in the scented wild flower meadows of Tibet, Nepal or China, you name it. His plant knowledge was astounding.

Having studied in the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin he worked in County Cork and in Spain. He followed this by becoming head gardener in Glanleam on Valentia Island. He then became head gardener in Beech Park Gardens in Clonsilla Co. Dublin. Seamus’s brief was to restore the garden and the late David Shakeltons world famous collection of rare perennials, including the wonderful celmisia’s and the delightful auricula collection.

Meanwhile he was making a name for himself as a plant collector following in the footsteps of great plant hunters such as Augustine Henry, Joseph Hooker, Ernest Wilson and many others. He walked through acres of primula alpicola not to mention all the other rare plants he encountered. Thank you Séamus for sharing your adventures with us, a super evening.

All you gardeners do not forget to join us on Thursday, 20th Dec for our Christmas night. Our guest speaker will be Anne Coe demonstrating Christmas arrangements. We hope to party afterwards in the Ballymore Inn. Another super evening is promised. Pencil it in your diary.

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