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Suffer Little Children…..

These are extracts from the Murphy Report into Clerical child sex abuse in the Dublin Dicoese.
There are reproduced without comment.
The full report is available for download at

The commission received information about 172 named priests. They concluded that 102 were within their remit.
Statistican ( Dr. Theresa Brannick of UCD) compiled a list of 47 spread over three decades.
Documentary research reduced this number by one to 46.
Of these 46,11 are/were members of religious organizations 4 of these are dead.1 belongs to a UK diocese.
34 priests in Dublin Diocese. 10 are dead, twenty are out of ministry and four continue to minister.
Of the twenty out of ministry 11 are supported by the diocese.
Of these 46 only 11 had pleaded guilty or were convicted.
One clear case of false accusation. Two where no complaints were received.
The ratio in the 320 complaints is 2.3 boy to 1.0 girl.

The following were the main people who dealt with complaints of child abuse.

McQuaid. 1940 -1972 Dead.
Ryan 1972-1984 Dead.
McNamara 1985-1987 Dead.
Connell 1998-2004. Retired. Made Cardinal in 2001
Martin 2004 – present.

Auxilary Bishops.
Carroll. 1968-1989. Dead. Two periods as administrator, 1984/85 & 1987/88.
Comiskey 1980-1984. Ferns 1984. Resigned 2002.
Drennan. 1997-2005 Currently Bishop Galway.
Dunne 1946-1984. Dead.
Field. 1997- present
Forristal 1980-1981. Ossory1981. retired 2007.
Kavanagh 1972.1988. Dead
Moriarity. 1991-2002. Currently Kildare & Leighlin.
Murray 1982-1996. Currently Limerick
O’Mahony 1975-1996. Retired 1996. Also Chancellor 1975 – 1981.
O’Ceallaigh 1994-present
Walsh 1990-present Dean Clonliffe 1977 – 1985, Priest Sec. to A/Bishop 1985-1990, Administrator 2002 – 2006.

Sheehy. O’Mahony ( as above) Stenson & Dolan.

Director of Child Protection Service.
Garland. 2003-present.

A number of others obviously held in high regard by McQuaid and asked to investigate allegations include.
Glennon, McMahon, Curtin & O’Regan, all Monsignors.

The treatment centres used were organizations of Church authorities.
Eight were treated in Stroud by the Servants of the Paracletes.
Twenty five by the Granada Institute. ( Hospitallier Order of St. John of God)

The List.

James McNamee.
1917- 2002. Ordained 1946. Retired 1979. 21 complaints. Rolestown. Arran Quay. Harrington Street. Crumlin.

1931 - . Ordained 1957. Faculties withdrawn 1997. Number of complaints.
Chaplain to our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children. Crumlin. & various other appointments.

Served in the diocese in the 1960’s/1970’s.

Ordained in the 1960’s. Seved in the diocese in the 1960’s/1970’s.
Laicised in. Died 2004.

Patrick Maguire. 1936- . Ordained 1960. Convicted Child abuser.
In 1997. admitted the following abuses:
1963-1966. Abused 3 boys in Japan.
1967. 6 or 7 boys in Ireland.
1968-1972 2 boys.
1973. 10 boys in Japan. 10 boys in Ireland.
1974-1975. 8 boys in Ireland.
1976-1979. 8 boys and 1 girl. Set up network of victims he could abuse.
1984. 3 boys.
1984-1989. 2 boys. Continued with network.
1992-1994. 1 vulnerable adult.
1996. Grooming.
He told the Commission that this list is not complete.

1927 - . Ordained 1953.
Various locations in the diocese 1953-1988. USA 1988-1993. No ministry since 1993.

Ordained in 1960’s. Laicized in 1978.

Served in Pro Cathedral. Brought altar boys to Eadestown or Punchestown for beagling.
The details are mostly blank. Monsignor John Wilson recalled a conversation between the then Archbishop Ryan with Bishop Mark Hurley of Santa Rosa California as to Fr. ‘s personal difficulties. An exemplary Garda enquiry was stifled by senior interference. It came to an end in 1988 when it was established that this man was no longer in the country.

Born in the 1940’s Ordained in the 1960’s. Served in a number of parishes and eventually as Parish Priest. Canonical precept imposed October 2005.

Donal Gallagher.
1936 – 1994. ordained 1962. Vincentian.
Phibsborough 1975 – 1979. Teacher/Chaplain 1980 – 1983. Phibsborough 1983 - 1994. chaplain to School for the deaf.

1909 – 1988. Ordained in 1935.
Various appointments including Drimnagh promoted to Parish priest in Blessington

Ivan Payne.
1942 - . Ordained 1967.
Unofficial chaplain to Our Ladys Hospital Crumlin 1968 – 1974. Dublin Regional Marriage Tribunal 1976 – 1995. Conviceted serial child sex abuser. 31 accusations. Bishop O’Mahony had a big role in the investigation. Laicized in 2002. Moved to UK in 2003.

1940 - . Ordained in 1970 for foreign diocese. Due to gambling problems returned to Ireland 1977. Married in 1998 without being laicized. Laicized in 2007.

Harry Moore.
1936 - . Ordained in 1960. Chaplain Artane 1960 – 1967. Ringsend, Kilquade, Assistant priest in a Catholic youth organization. Admitted to John of God for alcohol treatment 1977. Edenmore 1977. Glasthule 1980. Bayside 1983. Francis St. 1985. Chaplain Boys school 1986.

Ordained in 1950’s. Number of parishes in the diocese.

William Carney.
1950 - . Ordained 1974. Various postings until 1899. Dismissed from clerical stae in 1992. Serial sexual abuser of children, male and female. Ballyfermot Vocational school 1974. Wanted to foster children in 1977.

Tom Naughton.
Ordained 1963 for Kiltegan fathers. Returned home and appinted to Aughrim Street 1976. Valleymount 1980. Donnycarney 1984. Ringsend 1996.

1939 – 2002. Ordained 1963 for Ossory. 1970’s appointed to Dublin Regional Marriage Tribunal.

Born in 1960’s. Ordained in 1980’s.

Dominic Savio (John) Boland
1930 - . Ordained 1966. Teacher, school chaplain and hospital chaplain. Convicted serial child sex abuser.

1935 - . Ordained 1960.

Ordained 1950’s. Number of postings in the Diocese.

Noel Reynolds.
Ordained 1959. Chaplain girls Schools. Kilmore Road. East Wall. Island parish in the diocese of Tuam. Bonnybrook. Saggart. Glendalough. Chaplain National Rehabilitation Hospital.

Ordained in 1950’s Died 1990’s. Various postings in Dublin.

Born in 1930’s. Ordained 1960’s.

John Kinsella.
Born 1948. Ordained 1973. Enniskerry.

Born 1935. Ordained 1966. Chaplain to a vocational school in Dublin 1973 – 1983. Not allowed any public ministry since 1996.

1957 - 2005. Ordained 1985. Hospital & prison chaplain. Teacher and assigned to parish.

Francis McCarthy.
Born 1950. Ordained 1974. Dunlavin, Enniskerry, London, Ballyfermot and Howth.
Classmate of Bill Carney.

Ministered in 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s.

Born 1946. Ordained 1973. Several appointments in diocese.

1910 – 1975. Ordained 1934.

Born 1940. Ordained 1970. Incardinated to Diocese 1980.

Ordained 1960’s.

Blaise. Unindentified by Gardai.

Born 1960’s. Ordained 1980’s.

Inappropriate behaviour towards a vulnerable young adult on a Lourdes pilgrimage.

1916 – 2006. Ordained 1944. Member of religious order served in Diocese from 1970 to 1983.

Ordained 1990’s. No allegations of abuse but suspicions and concerns.

1898 – 1974. Harold’s Cross, High Street, Arran Quay. Died before complaints could be investigated.

1914 – ordained 1941. Member of religious order.

1913 - . Ordained 1937. Various postings in diocese.

Ordained in 1960’s. Falsely accused and complainant charged.

Difficulty with vow of celibacy. Laicized.

1893 – 1977. Ordained 1921.

“The Church failed us. They failed us as Catholics. They failed me as a human being. They took my soul. “

This was how one of the complainants who gave evidence to the Commission described his viewpoint some 32 years after the event about which he had complained took place.

Tim Ryan. December 2009.

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