Friday, February 12, 2010

Bits ‘n Bobs with Rose
Who Invented “Assignments”?
Assignments is the ugliest word in the English language. As a full-time student, my life revolves around assignments – assessing the brief, research time, writing up - I’ve forgotten what spare time was. And my time management needs a good shake-up. It was never my strongest point, but too many nights at 2am printing out a final draft only to find the cartridge has run out of ink, is not good for blood pressure.

As for housekeeping… what housekeeping? The time I used to spend on ironing and cleaning is consumed by assignments. My window boxes are gone to seed. My dogs have an accusatory stare: “You used to play with us…” My partner thinks I’ve gone mad… My children know I’m mad so there’s no issue there, just a smug, “Now you know what it’s like, Ma!”

But you know what, it’s great! The energy and cockiness of my fellow students keeps me going; their gut reaction and opinion has not been stunted by life’s responsibilities or experience – I feel like I’ve been locked in a stuffy room for years and I’ve just stepped out into fresh air.

Mind you, there’s no hair, beauty or dining out allowance within the student budget. I’m horsing garlic tablets and cod liver oil into me – beats the hideous, orange-flavoured tonic my late mother dosed into me as a child and I don’t have to go through the daily – and very painful – hair-brushing ritual that resulted in two pigtails and white bows!

With the healthy diet, you’d expect there to be weight loss; alas, no - not when I’m horsing Tayto and snacks into me whilst working on assignments. New Year Resolutions: Eat less, Budget Better, Always Carry a Student Card and Keep a Spare Ink Cartridge in the computer room.

De Perfectos in Pirate’s Cove
Seein’ as we had a quiet Punchestown, De Perfectos decided to head off to Jackie and John O’Neill’s bed and breakfast, “Pirate’s Cove”, for a ‘Night of Networking and Informative Exchange of Issues Facing the Modern Woman”.
Would you believe it, they had a confidentiality clause written out for me to sign on my arrival. The good news, Readers, is that I didn’t sign it; the bad news is: rather than be thrown over the cliffs into the sea on my next visit, I’d better not tell you what passed between De Perfectos that weekend, they’re a sweet bunch but vicious as scorpions when riled. I can tell you though that a product called “For Her” will cure everything and anything that’s wrong with you – if the Two Brians had been taken that for the past year, think what a brilliant budget we’d have. (Alternatively, two bottles of wine will make you forget creakin’ knees and all your other ailments albeit the effect is shortlived). O’Neill’s B&B has the most fabulous views, overlooking the beaches of Brittas Bay, spectacular location.

Happy Christmas Ladies, and I look forward to the next “Networking” event.

Eilís on the Money
Speaking of perfect women, isn’t Eilis Quinlan playing a blinder lately?
We’ve had Eddie Hobbs, David McWilliams and George Lee all make their name in recent years as financial advisors. Only Jill Kerby has been flying the female flag but now our own Eilís is becoming something of a money-talkin’ media star. More luck to her, write a book, Eilís and make a killing.
Eilís has been a longtime supporter of Kildare Network Women in Business, Business Networking Ireland (BNI) and is now chairperson of ISME, the organisation representing small businesses in Ireland.

Political Correspondence
Apologies to Bugle Readers but I’ve mislaid 2 communications from Sean Power TD, one which was in answer to a query on the bollards along the Church Wall and the second, confirmation of monies allocated to Brannockstown Primary School. Sean further wished his constituents in Ballymore Eustace a Very Happy and Safe Christmas. Hopefully, I will find the correspondence relating to bollards and include in January edition.

Season’s Greetings from Jack Wall, TD, and Cllr Mark Wall to the residents of Ballymore Eustace and environs. Jack complimented the quality of “Ballymore Eustace – Portrait of A Village” and stated that it was a superb production and vital for small communities to record the social and economic changes experienced over several decades.

Cllr Willie Callaghan has placed an advert wishing his constituents a Happy Christmas elsewhere in this edition but Willie reminds readers that he is available by appointment and also, if any persons or groups wish to enquire about the KCC KTK Community Levy Fund, contact him at 086 234 1009.

Cllr Martin Heydon is delighted to be nominated and confirmed as a Fine Gael candidate for the next general election; if successful, then Billy Hillis would come back out of ‘semi-retirement’ and contest the seat won by Heydon in the last council election.

Bond Wit
I heard veteran Roger Moore interviewed on the Ryan Tubridy Programme recently and here’s a couple of gem replies the former 007 delivered, much to the delight of the interviewer and audience:

Ryan: “What age are you, Roger?”
Roger: “82.”
Ryan: “Gosh, you don’t look it! How old do you feel?”
Roger: “82”.

And another:
Ryan “At 82, are you likely to act again?”
Roger: “Did I ever?”

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