Sunday, August 23, 2009

Community Games County Finals
Ballymore Children battle the elements and do us proud
It felt like half the County was decending upon Newbridge on 5th and 6th June last with traffic backed up way past Cox's Cash and Carry. Why the commotion? The Community Games County Finals caused a flurry of eager parents and young hopefuls to make their way to the athletic track on the first Friday evening and Saturday in June. The area final medals had been proudly received weeks earlier, the athletics training had been attended religiously and now, the time had come to seek County glory (or at least give it their best shot and try and keep within the freshly painted lanes- which for some of the younger boys and girls, was the first time they had seen such lines on grass at all!)
Despite the icy wind, two County medals were brought home on Friday evening by Maria Clarke for coming second in the girls U-16 100 metres and by Margaret Hayden who came 3rd in the girls U-14 shot put. Shannon Doyle put in a great jump to come fourth in the girls U-14 long jump as did Sean Murphy who finished fourth in the boys U-12 ball throw.
Ballymore entered into the relay that same evening for the first time in many years with girls U-12 and boys U-14 teams competing and although they weren't placed, all ran very well and it was great experience for next year.
Sadly, Saturday's event was literally a wash out with heavy wind and rain and after the U-8 boys and girls heats had taken place, the County Board wisely decided to call it a day for health and safety reasons - the children were sopping and frozen and the risk of slipping was all too great on ground that was fast becoming soggy. I don't think there was a parent or child who wasn't relieved to make a hasty retreat to the shelter of their cars from what can only be described as an endurance test! So a huge thanks to all the boys and girls and their parents for braving the weather conditions and let's hope, the re-scheduled date's weather is a lot kinder.
Swimming Finals
Just a handful of children took part in the County Finals Swimming in Athy last Saturday. Competition was very stiff on theday and a very determined Darragh Kelleher came home with a certificate for 4th place in the boys U-14 freestyle finals. Well done to Darragh and everyone who participated. It would be great to see more getting involved in swimming next year.
The re-run of the County Finals Athletics is scheduled for Saturday, 27th June, at 10am. Any boys and girls who did not qualify in the U-8 heats on Saturday, 6th June and who would like another chance to compete in better conditions (hopefully) will be allowed to race again on the day if they wish to do so. The County Board decided that due to adverse weather conditions previously, it was only fair to give the children who wanted it, another chance. Everyone who ran and qualified already in the U-8’s heats need not run again as their qualification still stands.
Let’s hope for a much finer day second time round! Ann Murphy

Stonebrook Pet Farm
Stonebrook Pet Farm near Ballymore Eustace is now open from 11 am - 5 pm each weekend in June.

The farm is also open Monday to Friday for group tours, by appointment only and for birthday parties all week by appointment. Children can collect eggs from the hen and duck house, see the baby piglets, feed pet lambs and calves, hold baby chicks and ducklings and meet Elf, Stonebrook's miniature Shetland pony, Steve and Bertie the goats and Podge and Rodge the miniature pigs. Afterwards children can enjoy a picnic and have fun in the play area. The setting of the pet farm in the picturesque Stonebrook Farm, which has been in the Ronaldson family for generations, is a treat in itself. For information or to make a booking please call Jackie on

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