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As our year comes to an end, we reward all members for their achievements in 2008/2009, with our best ever annual club tournament. Held at Ryston Newbridge on Sunday 24th May, all members played their best and really enjoyed our day out (See full results below).
Many laughs have been shared and enjoyed by everyone at the band hall each Thursday and parents have kindly expressed delight at the progress made by so many members. Our aim for next year is to put “Badminton” first and improve the skill and quality each member has to offer. Current members have been informed of changes at the club from September 2009 and any new members wishing to join are asked please to contact the number below.
Badminton ends on June 25th 2009/ and returns on September 10th 2009.

Thank you

Ryston 2009 Results
(82 members – 7 Groups – 3 Courts – 6 Hours)

Player of the year 2009

This award is aimed to merit any member of our club who stands out from all others. Great attendance, co-operation, skill, progress and fun put so many members in with a Big Say! The cheer from fellow members when this year’s winner was announced confirmed the clubs decision. “Harry Murphy” was very surprised but stepped up to proudly accept the cup. Harry has made huge progress on the court over the past year and has become one of the hardest players to beat; His doubles match with Amy Kelly in the Community Games against Confey will be remembered by all for a long time. (They turned the match around to win 2-1 amidst great pressure) Son of Henry and Noelle, Brother to Stephen and Grandson to Billy and Marie, his family were again at Ryston to support all at our club and we thank them. Harry has not only progressed to become a strong player, he is also very popular with fellow members and supervisors who wish him well on his well deserved award congratulations Harry!

Group 1

Ciara Mahon Zoe Rigney, Brian Crowe, Michael Byrne, Molly Butler, Hannah Molly, Laura Gallagher.
The youngest members of our club were not intimidated by all the games around them and gave their best mix of serves and champions to ensure their placing for trophies. Well done to all for trying so hard.

1st Brian Crowe 2nd Zoe Rigney 3rd Hannah Molloy

Group 2

Chloe Fisher, Kim Kelly, Colm Daly, Katelyn Gallagher, Sophie Byrne, Emma Slevin Doyle, Rachel Byrne.

Playing along with group 1 for serves, champions, and one match each, all scores counted and trophy placing were well deserved Kim was strongest overall; Chloe has made the most progress, Sophie the strongest back hand while Colm, Emma and Rachel will go for every shuttle no matter how hard it is to get to!

1st Kim Kelly & Rachel Byrne 2nd Chloe Fisher & Emma Slevin Doyle
3rd Sophie Byrne & Colm Daly

Group 3

This group were all connected to “First Holy Communion” celebrations the day before our tournament and as many would be unavailable to play, it was decided to play this group’s games over 3 Thursday’s at the club. They served, they rallied, they played the best and they didn’t miss a Thursday! All scores counted and despite being so competitive, many laughs were enjoyed by all.

Anna Conway, Michael Tutty, Jamie Mahon, Katie Gilroy, Abby Foster, Mary Kate Langan, Daire Clarke, Zara McMullan, Conor Gilroy, Daragh Gilroy, Marina Mason, Eoin Clarke.

Playing a mix of serves and champions over 3 weeks:
Best Serves: Michael, Abbey, Daire, Zara
Best Improver: Marina, Eoin, Daragh, Mary Kate, Anna
Strongest Shot: Conor, Jamie, Katie,

1st Abbey Foster 2nd Zara McMullen 3rd Katie Gilroy
4th Jamie Mahon 4th Anna Conway

Group 4
Split in to 2 groups (A+B) these members gave their very best for matches to 21 playing a “Round Robin” system. Mixed together for all games, it was very competitive and enjoyable for all to watch

Simon Murphy , Thomas Byrne, John Charles Lawlor, Owen Murphy, Tommy Marsh, Amy Horan, Cian Duggan, Rayanne Butler

Best Matches: Cian & Amy V’s Tommy & Simon (21-20)
Owen & Tommy V’s John Charles & Cian (21-20)

Best Overall: Simon & Amy
Best Improver: Cian & John Charles
Strongest Shot: Owen &Tommy
Best Smash: Simon

1st Simon Murphy 2nd Amy Horan 3rd Owen Murphy 4th Cian Duggan

4 (a)
Laura Darby , Lee McMullen , Aoife Lucan, Saoirse Byrne, Jemma Molloy, Cillian Barrett, John Daly, Sean Crowe, Sarah Mullay.

Best Matches: Cillian & Sean V’s Lee & John (21-20)
Sean & Laura V’s Sarah & Lee (21-20)

Best Overall Laura
Best Improvers: Cillian & Aoife
Strongest Shots: Jemma, Sarah, john, & lee
Best Smash: Laura & Jemma

1st Laura Darby 2nd John Daly 3rd Cillian Barrett
4th Lee McMullen & Sarah Mullay

Group 5&6
Were mixed together to make the most of the time available and it proved a success with each member playing 6 matches to 21 points. So many laughs were had during games as fellow members became referees and many decisions were questioned! This age group (10-13) have probably made the most progress at the club as many have been members since the start in Jan 2005. Well done to all for a great effort mixed with fun, your matches were enjoyed by all and your co-operation with events on the day was very much appreciated by all at the club.

Rowan Hamilton, Tiernan Cody, Sophie Moore, Lynn Barrett, Joe Hayden , Clodagh Barrett, Enda Stewart Byrne, Margaret Hayden, Hazel Stewart Byrne, Heather Sammon, Mark Daly, Ciara Langan, Shannon Slevin Doyle, Kiva Sammon, Fionnuala O’Connor, Lucy Field, Anna Mae De Cleir, Grace Kerr, Natasha Murphy, Ryan Wilson Black, Joanna Burke Hayes, Carl Jones, Lauren McNamara , Jennifer Mahon.

Best Games: Ciara & Shannon V’s Lucy & Tiernan (19-21)
Heather & Ciara V’s Sophie & Fionnuala (21-18)
Clodagh & Lucy V’s Lynn & Hazel (21-18)
Shannon & Sophie V’s Ciara & Fionnuala (21-18)
Rowan & Tiernan V’s Sophie & Joe (21-17)

Best players: 6 out of 6 for Lucy & Tiernan
Best improver: Margaret, Mark, Kiva, & Heather.
Best smash: Sophie, Lucy, Enda, Fionnuala, & Ciara.
Best “use of court”: Shannon, Tiernan, Lucy and Rowan.
Best Funny Bits: Lynn (game 1), Clodagh (games 3) Hazel (Game 4)
And Joe Balancing his head trick!

1st Lucy Field, Tiernan Cody, Sophie Moore, Fionnuala O’Connor

2nd Heather Sammon, Enda Stewart Byrne, Lynn Barrett, Shannon Slevin Doyle

3rd Rowan Hamilton, Ciara Langan, Kiva Sammon, Margaret Hayden

4th Hazel Stewart Byrne, Clodagh Barrett, Joe Hayden, Mark Daly.

Amy Mahon, Amy Kelly, Siobhan Murphy, and Harry Murphy were needed from group 6 to play for Ballymore against Ryston in Group 7. Thank you to these members for “stepping up”!

Group 7

Ballymore Eustace Ryston / Naas
Danielle Kelly Andrew Whittle
Amy Mahon Anthony Davidson
Amy Kelly Marcel Morarie
Siobhan Murphy Timmy Byrne

Stephen Murphy Ian Armstrong
Sean Kelly Emmet Heather
Patrick Langan Paddy Hemming
Harry Murphy Josh Uddin

Absent: Orla Whelan, Simon Ellis, Laura Cullen, Jay Curley, Shane Murphy, Molly Cullen, and Emma Blake.

Winners Ryston/Naas

Many matches played and tho we won a few, our opponents held the upper hand at all times and it was a great experience for our members in their first ever competitive competition.

Many thanks to Nuala McCann for giving us the experience to play against such qualified lads; we hope it’s the first of many to come! Thank you and well done to Ryston/Naas selection for well deserved win. Well done to all eight players from Ballymore who never gave up and really gave their very best for all games. Thank You!

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