Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ruby! Didn’t he have a phenomenal festival? Seven winners and not just on money on shots. He is surely worth half a stone on any horse. I can’t wait for Punchestown. The Gaeltacht Gang’s “Raise your heart “had a run out without success, And what about poor oul’ Olly Brady’s Ebidiyan. Something spooked the flying grey when he was in with a great shout. And what about Forpaddydeplasterer. Great win Charlie and co.
Speaking of Paddydeplasterer, our own PaddydeBuilder celebrated a big one recently. Birthday that is. The baby of that sixth class containing Mick Fisher, Andy Cowley, Eugene McDermott, Pat Murphy, Johnny Gordon (and one or two others) Pat Barrett has hit the fifty mark. Now we can officially say he is an oul’ shite.
The “shop local” campaign that we started last month has hit a bit of a flat spot. As I say elsewhere it may take a joint initiative between the CDA and the local traders to boost it. Given that there will be no Punchestown Festival this year I think our shops, pubs and other businesses are going to come under severe pressure during the rest of the year. I don’t think that people can replace the supermarket shop locally but certainly if you get your daily bread and other things in the village it would help keep the fabric of business life in the village intact.
I am one of these very wealthy public servants that you hear about all the time. I have a secure job with a voluntary organisation funded by the HSE. (A big oxymoron, that is) Since the start of 2009 my colleagues and I have seen our salaries gradually eroded by various levies and stealth taxes. I don’t think any job in the voluntary sector is cast iron and I for one am sick of hearing about how good we have it.
The Bugle is placing a hold on all new ads. We are at saturation point with advertising. Don’t get me wrong that’s not all bad. So unless we have committed to you for future issues or you advertised with us in the past, sorry but we won’t be able to accommodate you for a while.

St. Paddy's Day Greetings from Perth - The Kavanagh family (Peter,Julie, Aoife, Eoin and Ciara) were on an extended holiday to 'the ould sod' from their new abode down under around Christmas time. They spent quite a bit of their time between Naas and Wexford with Peter & Julie's parents but they managed to spend a fair bit of 'quality time' with all their old friends in Ballymore. Peter and Julie have contacted the Bugle and have asked that a big thank you be conveyed to all who offered them such great hospitality during their visit. Peter & Julie would also like to thank all the parents of the children’s friends who arranged various parties and sleepovers during their holiday. They are all settled back now in 'Oz' but have great memories of their trip. Hopefully, we will not have to wait until one of the girls is a contestant in the Rose of Tralee before their next big trip home!
Photo taken by Simon Pallister entitled "Early Nesting" - believe it or not, but this was one of three vehicles involved in accidents at the Brook of Donode over a weekend recently.
The Suzuki jeep here ended up literally 'sitting' on the ditch; another car hit Hamilton's wall and the third crashed into the bridge wall which has now collapsed completely. There is a definite need for the re-introduction of danger signs here to incite the reduction of speed, maybe even a speed ramp either side of the brook? We use the photograph not to embarrass the driver who thankfully was not injured but to remind Readers how dangerous this bend has become - and to indicate what an ace photographer Simon is. Best of luck with the exhibition, Simon, in Naas Library from Monday 23rdMarch to Saturday inclusive at Naas Library

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