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Matt’s Memories
Dun Laoghaire Dominican Convent
In the middle decades of the last century, the late Jack Doyle managed to put all six of his daughters through the residential Dominican College at Dun Laoghaire. This was a remarkable achievement for Jack at a time when things were very difficult here in Ireland. I was aware that Gay and Ann were in Dun Laoghaire as my sister Margaret joined them there for her last two years at College. Previous to Gay and Ann, Kathleen, Joan and Claire had been in Dun Laoghaire while the late Trish was there most recently.
Going racing was something I often did before I had my stroke. While I’m still interested in racing, I don’t go as often as I did. At Christmas, I went to Leopardstown with my brother James on the last day. Having done my betting before I came, having dinner there seemed like a good idea. While looking for a table, I met Ann Mahon formerly of St Brigid’s Park who I had not encountered in about twenty years. Nowadays, Ann lives at Brannockstown and her husband, like myself, likes the horses. Ann has a daughter and two sons who were with her. Her mother, Kathy Mahon (nee Clarke), has been in the Larchfield Nursing Home for sometime now. Shortly before I left South Dublin County Council in April 2003 Ann’s sister, Marie, joined us there.
Santa Claus - Parade to the Old Band Hall
The Ballymore Eustace Historical Society’s Video deals with one of Santa Claus’s visits to the Old Band Hall, my late brother Paddy and myself appear outside the old bandhall with our trusty bikes. A very young looking Christy Dennison also appears in the passageway to the hall.
Regarding the party in the New School, I saw the late Margaret Whelan (who once more gave us one of her most beautiful smiles), the late Tot Lawlor, the late Maura Smith and the late Pauline Daly (nee Whelan) all helping with the meal. My next-door neighbour, Tommy Deegan, and his friend, Peter Conway formerly of Dowdenstown, appear seated at the back of the class.
Others I recognised were Bren Hennessy, Mena Sheridan (Assumpta Terrace), Anne Tipper (nee Deegan) and the late Maria Chamney (nee Keenan). I recognised a good few more, including the late Master Michael Conway, but I wont go into that now.
Shake Hands with the Devil
The making of “Shake Hands with the Devil” appears on the Video too. The following can be seen on it: Tim Clarke now about a hour outside Sydney in Australia (as far as I know); Michael Marshall now living in England; Will Hennessy; the late Mr Angley – formerly of the Half Acre House; the late George Sullivan – formerly of Barrack Street; and, a young looking Kevin Keenan (Senior).
Band Members
The Ballymore Eustace Historical Society’s Video shots of the Band include: the late Mr Twaithes; the late Tom Malone (Senior); the late John Headon; Michael Kelly; Michael Grace; the late Jack Byrne; Johnny Davis; Jim Kelly and Peter Kavanagh.
A Journey Through Celtic Myths and Places
Eithne Massey wrote a book called “A Journey Through Celtic Myths and Places”, which was reviewed in the Bugle of November 2003. Bill Massey, Eithne’s father, died on December 16, 2004. Eithne and the family contributed a lovely Appreciation to their late father Bill who lived opposite the Catholic Church where the late Frank Driver used to live. This Appreciation appeared in the Bugle of January 2005. Patricia Donnelly is another of Bill’s daughters.
As I was passing the late Bill and Sarah Doran’s house in the village a voice called out to me! It was Ollie Deegan who is now living there and hopes some of Billy Doran’s handballing abilities will rub off on him. Billy, his parents and siblings used to live there. The late Jennie MacDougald and the Lipsetts also lived there.
Recent Bereavements
Seán (Bán) David Flynn of Thorncliffe Park, Churchtown died on Christmas Day, 2008 R.I.P. Sean was a brother of my Braemor Avenue neighbour Brian Flynn. I understand there was a very large attendance at the funeral of Mark Johns who died on January 1. Mark was only 24 and was the nephew of our Churchtown Sacristan, Ray Johns. On December 30, John Mckiernan of Greystones died while his sister, Mary (Molly) Smyth (nee McKiernan) also of Greystones died on January 6. Both were siblings of James’s father-in-law Brian McKiernan. Have just learnt of the death of my Braemor Avenue neighbour, Tommy Connell, on January 29.
© Matt Purcell (January, 2009)

© Matt Purcell (January, 2009).

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