Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tims Diary.

Sport first and what about Kauto Star’s fall in November. One cannot help to wonder if one Ruby Walsh was in the saddle things might have been different. The same happening again on Big Bucks the following week meant that Sam was sidestepped and replaced by AP for Master Minded at Sandown. Rough Justice.
Kildare County bit the dust with very little style against Mervue United at Galway and Station Road last month, a sad end ? to a very promising outfit. And John Gill had to see his job advertised by Dundalk while still trying to win the First Division. Giller will be back, don’t doubt it, you can’t keep a good man down.
My sporting experience this month was getting chinned by Bernard Dunne at The Keith Duffy Masquerade Ball. All I did was ask for one of his Hunky Dory’s. The highlight was a live intimate performance by Boyzone, in the chapel of the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham.
Our Photographer extrodinaire, Chris asks me to mention the Kildare County Council’s Photo Competition “Autumn in Kildare” details and entry forms from the Environmnet section 045 980200 or email

Blessington Union of Parishes
21st December Carol Service & Morning Prayer 10 am. Ballymore
24th December Christmas Eve. United Service of Holy Communion Ballymore 11 pm.
25th December Christmas Day. Holy Communion in Blessington at 11.15 & Cloughlea at 10.
28th December United Service of carols in Blessington at 11.15 am. (No other services this Sunday)
On behalf of the Rector and the parishioners we would like to thank all who have supported us throughout the year. We wish you all a Happy and a Holy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Church of the Immaculate Conception
Ballymore Eustace
Christmas Ceremonies 2008.

Monday Dec. 22nd
Penitential Service in Preparation for Christmas 8 pm.

Wednesday Dec. 24th
Vigil Mass for the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ 9 pm.

Thursday December 25th
Masses for the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ
10 and 11.30

Confessions. Wednesday Dec.24th. Christmas Eve
10 - 12. 3 – 4. 6.30 – 8.30

Fr. Sean wishes everyone a Happy and Holy Christmas

We have come to the end of what has been a very tough year for Ireland and the world in terms of finance. It was one of the most ill thought out budgets that saw an unprecedented backlash against the current Fianna Fail led government. It didn’t get any better for them with the recent pork crisis. Interestingly though, even though beef was also found to be contaminated there was no withdrawal in the same measure as the pig meat. I think I will be joined by more and more in the vegetarian ranks, not because of the crisis but because of all the news footage of those cut little spotty bonamhs that featured on every bulletin.

Elsewhere you will see a presentation from Angie on behalf of the Bugle to the Senior Citizen’s committee. This was made possible by all the advertisers and readers throughout the year. Thank you all.

It was Ten Years ago this Christmas..
Had a farewell to gentleman vintner Joe Headon, Rose got a pocket tape recorder from the CDA/Tidy Towns…A youthful Wozzy O’Donogue was presented by an equally youthful Glenn Rayn.. a 1kg would have cost you 3.59 pounds in Mace,,,Steve Deegan had a peculiar poetic ode to his Uncle..Rose had a go at me..Why?... I contributed an epic updated Judgement of Ballymore…Margaret Murphy got married to Bernard Dunne ( not the fella on page 43).. someone had a bombproof pony for sale… Bi=ut back to Steve’s poem it’s worth a re-run, who do we send the royalties to?

Oh how I love thee Uncle dear,
Although thine eyes like frogs appear,
They body is so fat and round,
They heavy footsteps shake the ground,
Thy temper is so sweet and mild,
Twould frighted e’en the smallest child.
And when thou speak people say,
“Now did we hear a donkey bray/”
Oh how I love thee Uncle dear.
From The Ballymore Echo 1982. And he never lost it…….

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