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President’s Prize 11th October 2008

Three cheers for President Elect Obama…!
In Ballymore GS, we recently celebrated our own President, Dora O’Brien! Dora has contributed enormously to the Golf Society since it began in 1991. Her administrative talent and hard work have been a major factor in its success. Dora was Secretary from ’91 to ’03 and then Captain in 2004. This year Dora was nominated as President, an honorary role which she so deserves.

The “President’s Prize” outing was held in Portarlington, Approximately seventy people played on the day and the overall winner was Chris Breslin. Congratulations Chris! A most enjoyable night followed in the Ardenode Hotel - the food and hospitality was excellent. The entertainment was provided by our own members; Colin Daly, Liam Lawler, Ann Daly, Aine O’Neill and many singers who partied on until the early hours!

All in all it was a great day, and a fitting tribute to Dora. We thank her for her dedication, commitment and friendship and look forward to many more years of the same!!

1st Chris Breslin(17) 44pts
2nd James McCarron(12) 40pts
3rd Colin Daly(21) 38pts
Gross Gavin Daly(5) 35pts

Category Winners
Paul Murphy(10) 37pts
Richard Cowley(16) 37pts
Thomas Daly(20) 38pts
Steve Carter(28) 36pts

Second in Category
Eoin Curley(10) 37pts
Tom Cantwell(14) 37pts
John Murphy Jnr(23) 37pts
Tim Duggan(33) 34pts

Third In Category
Conor Fallon(6) 34pts
Paul Clarke(16) 34pts
MichaelHoran(22) 33pts Moira Hannon(39) 33pts

Front Nine Seth de Labre(15) 18pts
Back Nine Tommy Daly(16) 19pts
Longest Drives:
Gavin Daly(5), Catherine Field(24)
Nearest The Pin Eamonn Deegan(18)

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Marky Doyle, sons Marky, Emmet and Shane on the very recent death of Maureen. Maureen was a valued member of this Society and will be dearly missed.

The Late Ena Keenan
(We are honoured to reproduce the words spoken by Kevin Jnr. about his Mam. May she rest in peace.)
I have titled this “White Feather” because each letter in both words represents what Mam was about.
A Short story before I begin.
One of Mam’s favourite places to have “a good ould root,” as she called it was “The Elms” at Punchestown owned by Denis McCarthy. She would spend hours down there. I remember one day when Mam came back from sifting through the antiques etc. for hours, my father said to her “I think you better move in with Denis or bring him home with you, whichever is the best.” Mam adored rooting through shops and stalls. God help them all in Heaven when herself and her sister Tess get going, they will probably give St. Peter a good offer for the gates. Mam rarely bought for herself, she would buy something she thought that somebody might need or because somebody needed to sell it to make a few bob. She was a great supporter of the St. Vincent De Paul in Ballymore.
Now “White Feather”
W for Will: Mam had an enormous will to help people, animals and all the birds of the sky.
H for Health Mam battled with all sorts of illnesses for many years, but in particular the last eight months of her life. She bore it with total strength, dignity and faith; with so much support from her family and in particular my father. He has the strength of a bear, the heart of a lion and the gentleness of a butterfly. On Behalf of my father I would like to thank all the staff of Naas Hospital, Tallaght Hospital, Casa carers and Craddockstown Nursing Home who tried so hard to keep Ma going,
I for Industrious Mam was industrious in the home in so, so many ways, Ma could make dinner for two or three and should more arrive all got a meal without any fuss or bother.
T for Tidy Mam was so particular about her dress, her appearance, her garden and her home; she was impeccable in all the things she did.
E for Energy I do not know to this day where Ma got her energy from, one her worst days BEFORE hospital she could walk the feet off my sisters who dared to head off shopping with her. They would always say “there is no end to that one you know,”

F for Friendly Ma was friendly to so, so many people, cheerful and upbeat all the way. She loved the ICA nights and outings.
E for Environment Ma was doing stuff thirty years ago, making use of old egg, milk and juice cartons, vegetable cuts etc. that most of us are only getting our heads around now. She loved a clean and peaceful world.
A for Animals Big and small including birds always got a bit from the table after meals, nothing was ever wasted.
T for Tenderness Ma had a tenderness of a kind I have never known before.
H for Heart Ma had a heart of gold, always supportive and positive up to the last words she spoke to all of us.
E for Earth Ma and Da would always harvest the fruit and vegetables from their own garden, making jams, tarts buns etc., something sweet on a dark winter’s day, what could be nicer.
R for Religion A devoted Catholic to the end. An odd time she would give up for short periods, God knows I couldn’t blame her Sorry Father! Morning, evening and night prayers were all said with passion and meaning, with Da by her side.
I will always love you Ma, as long as blood runs through my veins and after.
You were an inspiration to us all.
What a woman!

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