Monday, March 17, 2008

Tim’s Diary
Brand new for 2008 brought to you by the Champion of the Misunderstood.
I, for one, was delighted to see the back of 2007. There were much more lowlights than highlights for me in the year just gone. If I was to take anything much positive out of last year it was the kindness of a lot of people that I came across, both friend and stranger, who helped me in a lot of ways.
One of the highlights of course was Colette’s graduation in Templemore in December. Now as this piece does not have to be vetted by the Garda press office I can exclusively reveal, I had great crack. Never have I had so many Guards be nice to me. I resisted the temptation to say “move along there” to everyone I met and I enjoyed the experience of being able to kiss a Guard without getting arrested. Fair ball Colette. I can also exclusively reveal that no member of the reserve was smaller than Wille O’Dea, no his moustache is not stuck on and that he gives shorter semons than the Breener. If I was ten years younger and four stone lighter I would consider joining myself. Well, no I wouldn’t.

Santy Claus was very good to me this year. Among the many, many presents I got was an I Pod. Now my huge collection of CD’s is on a thing that measures about ten by three centimetres. Isn’t technology wonderful?
Of all the reading that I did over the holidays I’d have to say that this fella Jeffrey Deaver is the man. Don’t believe me? Try one of his murder mysteries.

In February last year we opened two websites one a blog, for past issues of the Bugle and another for photo’s . The photo’s one on Flickr has been a great success. With over eleven hundred photos, it has been viewed over seven thousand times. Great tribute is due to Chris Dennison for his wonderful snaps of which the quality is par excellence. Have a look. Tell us what you think. Tell your friends.

When I asked the great and the good about their New Year resolutions I got a lot of refusals. So what was to be an entire page was not to be. However one of the suggestions that I got was that the clubs and interest groups should get together to devise a fund raiser timetable for the year so that events do not overlap. Has this any merit?

Np takers for Bills Quiz. I still have the two tenners. If you are interested in entering we will hold it for this month.

Colette’s brother in law Big John has connections with mister Top Notch, a useful animal who romped home in Cork recently before coming up for the Pierce Chase up this side where he pounced in the mud at fourteens. Watch him in the Cotswolds or on Merseyside. I think he’s ready this year.

We spent nearly all the summer writing and talking about the weather last year. I hope that the current spate of inclement times is not a portent foe the year. Among the areas affected were the school, the grounds of which flooded badly, the Brook at Donode and Mrs. Eithne Daly’s house. Eithne has a great positive attitude and was in tip top form when she got he house back to rights.

Everyone is giving out about Bertie. I have one question. Does anyone know anyone who has handed back a pay rise?

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