Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tim’s Diary….

The culmination of weeks of work and years of the present government comes to and end next weekend. A lot of us complain about politicians, they are unpopular 85% of the time. I hold an unpopular view that they are a brave bunch. The thoughts of me asking my peers, let alone the general public, to sanction my salary for the next few years would terrify me. So, if you want to complain about them get out and vote. Good luck to ALL the candidates especially the ones from our own backyard.

Brigid & Des Byrne stopped over for a brief visit last week. Travelling with their son, Conor, they had been to Donegal and Galway. Whilst in the West they visited Des’s twin brother, who unfortunately is not enjoying the best of health. The Byrnes are fighting fit and Brigid got a great kick out of the recent piece about her eightieth in the last edition.
Speaking of ex-pats, I’m sure that you will join with me in sending greetings to the Kavanaghs, Peter & co., who have recently joined the ranks of our many readers in far off lands.

There was a good response to the “Famous Five’s” competition. I was wrong; we did have lots of entries. First correct entry pulled from “The Bugle” postbox was from Brid Murphy of Whitleas. The drinks are on you, Brid.

For those of you who frequent the Interweb, here are some interesting links:

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