Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bits n Bobs with Rose
Desperate Housewives no more
“Formerly known as “The Desperate Housewives/De Desperados”, we hereby give notice that our elite group will henceforth be known as “The Venus Perfectos” (or, if you find that difficult under certain influences, “De Perfectos will suffice).”
That, Readers is what I was told on our annual trip to Punchestown this year – Venus Perfectos, let that sink in now gently.
And the Venus Perfectos were all out in style this year but seeing as we legged it into the enclosure, our fashion efforts were not viewed by the judges – shame, we could have been in the prize-winners but the priority on arrival was to find:
A) Seating
B) Proximity to nearest bar
C) Proximity to nearest restaurant
D) Proximity to nearest toilet facility
E) Proximity to nearest Tote
F) Proximity to nearest TV for viewing

Readers, there is a dedication within this group that the United Nations would be proud of; within minutes, The Venus Perfectos had scanned the room, totally focused, not to be distracted – prime location secured and held for the afternoon with all the above criteria met in full. Seats were held with the ferocity of the Al Quieda.

Of course, we hit The Thatch first for breakfast and the place was buzzing – just as well, we had some food fuel ‘cos the bus broke down, twice before we passed the school! Pat Murphy offered the use of a horse box for ‘any loose fillies that needed collecting’ – thanks Pat, we will remember that. Eamonn Deering rescued us, Thank God and finally, we got to the races.

Some of Eliza’s millinery creations were donned with Elizabeth selling 8 hair pieces this year. Audrey went up, Cinta and Sheila went down; Jackie, Rose and Anna were out (in front) but Caroline from down the country was a mile ahead of the rest of us… Lorraine and Mary D (for a change) opted for a modest look. Louise took a tumble but with the courage of Venus herself, got up, re applied the lipstick and carried on regardless. Anne and Trish opted for classic black & white and the Curran Sisters (and Brother?) looked mighty. Young Linda, as always, turned heads (she’d look good in a paper bag – got the looks from Mother Mary who is a founder member of the group) but Mary Horan abandoned us this year, chose the husband above the Venus Perfectos and went racing on Friday instead, resplendent in a lime green ensemble. Mary is now on probation….. little apples, Mary, little apples……
(All of the above refers to the style the ladies sported on the day and only De Perfectos will understand).

What’s the next outing, Ladies? Carman Fair? Do we need to celebrate the arrival of Summer? The kids being off school? Kids going back to school? Let me know, Ladies – wouldn’t miss it……

See here, Readers, a project De Perfectos are currently working on – the Ideal Ladies Wine Glass. This is only a draft template and is subject to a year’s drinking study before it is perfected….after all, perfection is always our aim.

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