Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Editors.

I think it was T P Barnum who made that profound statement “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”, and I couldn’t agree more for it proves two things, one, it means that in this case my writings are being read, and two, democracy is at work when a different opinion to mine is being expressed publicly, if a little guardedly! T’would be a dull old world if we all thought alike.
May I remind your complainant that not all that long ago myself and Alan Dukes carried on a ding dong battle of words in the Bugle until he lost his seat and went off to better things in Europe, and I can’t recall he being a member of the present government! Surely your complainant is not suggesting that I be selective? Should I “slate” George Bush but not Bertie? Sorry, I don’t operate that way.
When I see bumbling bureaucracy, social injustices, squander mania, crass arrogance, and selective lies, where ever there coming from, being trotted out to the public on the airwaves and in our dailies I’ll write about them, and then it’s a case of “if the cap fits”!
Finally Editors, may I conclude by saying that in no way do I think that what I say is the last word, but I’m prepared to stand over what I write, and to sign my name at the end of each article.
Yrs D. Jeffers.

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