Sunday, March 25, 2007

So Bertie is about to drop the flag. By the summertime we will have a new government, or maybe not. Even without the declaration of all the candidates in our own constituency I am calling it a no change. The only doubt I have would be Mr. Power’s running mate getting elected. Of course it would be a headline writers dream if JJ ran for the Aontas Glas and was successful along with the brother. I hope that Mary Glennon runs, with her family connections, one brother to call the odds and another to resole tired campaign shoes, she would make a lot of inroads. Staying with the predictions I got a small bit of help from one of the most politically astute men from the north of the metropolis. So at least three months in advance here goes
FF 67
FG 45
LAB 22
SF 8
PD 4
With the Ceann Comhairle that, I think, makes 166.
If I was a betting man, which I sometimes am, I would put a decent few quid on the FG getting 45. All the better if you can get odds on plus or minus one.
With thanks for the political analysis and soothsaying to an oul blueshirt from Dublin North. I can’t tell the people but you know who you are.

Or rose writes about bits N Bobs every month. The lads in work were saying what other word do you seldom see on it’s own. Like Bangers and Mash, Nooks and Crannies, Flotsam and Jetsam. A bottle of Teachers, now how appropriate is that to the best suggestion. Answers to the usual. Now all you Bugle scribes don’t enter cause they won’t count.

Which shy and RETIRING local lady has gotten a late vocation……..for the Garda. is the new web address where we will be sending our thoughts to the world. Look in from time to time and tell your friends. will also get some views of Christy’s photos, which we will be sharing, on the WWW over the coming months.

Mr. Ballymore, Sean Mulryan, is well placed to have a winner or two in Cheltenham. Strong handed with Forget the Past, In Compliance, Two Strong Men and more. Also keep an eye out for Mr. Top Notch, my brother – in –law big John Cronin has connections. He’s a useful sort, the horse that is, not John, and will do well whatever he is put at.

We had visitors recently from Australia. Colette’s nephew John and his beautiful girlfriend Alanna Wiles stayed for a few days. John emigrated in 1988 with his parents Robert and Mary and his older brother Rob. They enjoyed their visit with one of the highlights being the Dublin Bus Ghost Trip.
John heard about the exploits of one of his ancestors, one Edward Hempenstall, who was a hangman. He was notorious in his activities. I’ll be sleeping with one eye open for a while.

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