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Bits n Bobs with Rose

Ann to make ‘Tsunami’ Orphanage visit – prioratise this piece, Frances

Ann McLoughlin and her good friend, Dr Mary Toomey will be heading out to visit an orphanage they helped set up
in Nilavli, Sri Lanki in the aftermath of the Tsunami three years ago. Could anyone forget the televised scenes of the resulting devastation? Whole communities swept away – houses, schools, business premises and tragically, the families who lived within. Thousands of children who survived were left orphaned and in many cases, with no adult family member alive to claim them.

You may remember Ann McLoughlin’s fundraising locally and the promotion of “Giant Waves”, a publication
containing prose and poetry written by children about the December 2004 disaster. Ann was nominated the following year for our local People of the Year Awards and she appears again this year as a nominee.
Hopefully, the political situation/Tamil Tiger fighters will remain stable and allow Ann and Dr Mary to visit the Nilavli Orphanage which provided sleeping quarters for eighty children, the building having been built by a Dutch company. Over three hundred and fifty children attend the school daily with breakfast supplied. Last year, chairs were purchased for the children and this year, socks and shoes provided for each child.
Like myself, most of you over indulged at Christmas; here are children, ecstatic to receive socks and shoes and a chair to sit on at school whilst we in Ireland are debating the cuts in Education (and I’m not disputing the negative effect of the cuts either).
Ann tells me the children are learning to milk water buffalo (cows), to raise hens and grow their own fruit and vegetables at the orphanage – annual trips to Funderland or the cinema are not on their Richter scale.

Please, please if you would like to make a donation, contact Ann at 087 643 9730 or 045 483 689; funds go directly to Sr Arul Mary in Nilavli, there’s no ‘middle-man’ administration cuts – your money will buy basic needs for children who have nothing. The stability and education the orphanage is providing is vital and already, some of the pupils have been awarded scholarships into mainstream schools.
Give them a chance, give them a donation.

Country Market Under Threat!
You’re familiar with Naas Country Market which hosts weekly markets in Naas Town Hall on Friday mornings. The weekly sale of fresh, home grown produce, arts and crafts provide a service – hand-made and home baked goods which, if they were to be sold in health shops or gift shops, would have a hell of a mark-up.

The market in Naas is also a good source for the supply of non-allergic foods and caters for customers with dietary restrictions such as diabetics, celiacs, vegetarians etc.
There are several women from the Ballymore Eustace area also in the Naas branch which has been running weekly markets in Naas for over sixteen years. Given the current economic downturn, you’d think Kildare County Council would have a policy to help supplement community enterprise but no, Naas Country Market have been recently informed that their weekly rent has been increased – DOUBLED – for 2009 with the weekly charge now set at €240!

That may not sound like a fortune to you but the market has a membership of thirty max with twenty plus members consistently attending and selling their goods on a weekly basis. Remember, they have to provide their own goods to first make/create their produce and they do not buy in bulk like major manufacturers; they also must label and pack all home produce………transport to and from the market – add another €20 expenses per member on top of that….
Country Market members are furious at the principle of KCC’s action – no prior discussion, no hearing, just “Pay Up” or …………..
Please support your local Country Market in Naas; they will be meeting shortly to form a committee and lobby the Council for leniency. It would be a pity to have to find another venue as they are an established feature at the Town Hall and an even greater pity if they have to close……….If you’d like to offer support to Naas CM, contact 097 650 7195.
Town Hall, Naas
Every Friday from 10-12am

Crafts – Giftware – Flowers – Plants – Fresh Produce
Home Baking - Savouries and Confectionery
(Dietary Restrictions catered for)

There’s a “Husse-y” in the Village……..with logo please on header
Your bad mind has just drifted completely off track and you are conjuring up ideas of a sordid nature….shame on you! Well, this “Husse” – minus the y – does home visits, gives free samples and could keep your chappy happy for only 70c a day………….
That’s got your attention, hasn’t it!!! Actually, it’s Husse pet foods I’m talking about, not whatever you were conjuring up. Kathleen Lucey lives in Ballymore Eustace and is an agent for this brand which offers 100% natural, dry and tinned food options for both dogs and cats. Husse is recommended by veterinarians and nutritionists, with an extensive range of recipes for specific pets’ needs, especially those with allergies or food sensitive issues.

For your very own four legged hussey, huskey or pussy, go on, give them a treat – try HUSSE pet food products!


Ballymore Ladies GFC

County News
Lesley Tutty was selected for the county panel last month and has been travelling around the county since late December for training in less than ideal weather conditions! Kildare’s first matches were against Louth (12pm) and Down (2pm) on Sunday 11th January where the girls were up against not only good opposition but also strong wind and rain with some hailstones thrown in for good measure.

Congratulations to Lesley who was selected to play in both games. The games consisted of 4 20 minute quarters. Lesley played the 1st and 3rd quarter against Louth where she scored the first goal and narrowly missed a point contributing to a win for Kildare. Lesley had to leave the Louth match early to travel to the second game where she played the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately Down were the stronger team on the day and won this match.

Kildare’s next match is against DCU in Johnstownbridge on Wednesday 14th January.
Sunday 18th January Kildare v Waterford
Kildare v Kilkenny
Wednesday 21st January Kildare v St. Patricks College

Good luck to Lesley and the Kildare panel in these games.

Bag Packing Day in aid of Juvenile section
The bag packing day organised to raise money for the underage girls’ registration fees was a success with the girls raising €972. Well done to all involved.
Thanks to the staff in Dunnes Blessington and to all those who helped out on the day - players, management and parents. Special thanks to all those mammies who gave bag packing tips to the girls. There wasn’t a squashed slice pan in sight!!

Awards Night
The fundraising committee are organising an awards night. Due to the current closure of The Thatch a new venue is needed. The committee are due to meet this week and an update will be included in next month’s bugle.

Training will resume on Monday the 2nd of February at the pitch and Wednesday the 4th in the Band Hall. Training as usual on Monday and Wednesday at 7.30. Don’t forget its on the pitch and ready to go at 7.30! We are always looking to recruit new players so if you are interested please come along.

Thank you
We are sorry to see that The Thatch has closed. We would like to thank Darren and all the staff for their support over the past year and best wishes for the future.

Sharon & Deirdre
Ballymore Eustace GAA

The Club held their annual AGM on the 15th December in the Resource Centre. In conclusion of the AGM, the late Michael Murphy was mentioned for his support and work for the club during his lifetime and sympathy extended to his wife and family.
The club urgently is in need of funding and more help in running the club. Despite a small turnout the following officers were appointed on the night: Chairman Tim Gorman; Vice Chairman Pat Browne; Secretary Mark McCarville; PRO William O'Donoghue and Treasurer Paddy Nolan. Everyone else that was at the meeting was elected to the committee and we hope to see as many of them as possible at our next monthly meeting on the last Thursday of each month after Senior training.

Club membership this year has been set at €40 and player insurance €50 for those looking to become members or being covered while playing. Anybody interested in joining the club as a player or member in whatever capacity should contact one of the following officers:
Tim Gorman (Chairman) – 086 3806978
Mark McCarville (Secretary) – 087 3289496
Eoin Barrett (Chairman Juvenile Club) – 087 7870016
William O’ Donoghue (PRO) - 087 6616545

Anyone using the walking facilities up at the pitch is urged to make a donation however small (€1 or €2) into the box up at the pitch. It is clearly signposted and urgently needed as the ESB bill for the use of the lights does not pay for itself!!

The club wishes to express their sympathy to June Grace and family on the loss of June’s mother, Mrs. Agnes Kelly. May she rest in peace.

New Management
This year the club has a new management team- Jarleth Gilroy was given the task of managing the team with Tim Gorman and Tom O’ Rourke selectors. Fingers crossed the lads can lead the team to some much needed success and the club wish them the best of luck. The club also wish to thank Paul Carroll (Manager), Paddy Murphy and Jim McLoughlin (selectors) for their effort last year with the team and wish Paul the best of luck in his new role with the Wicklow minors.

The Seniors have resumed training which is taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm for anyone interested in playing for the club.

Player Profile
Each month a player will be chosen to appear in The Bugle for some questions on Ballymore GAA, some serious, some not so serious. This month is the turn of the evergreen Pat Browne….
Favourite Player: Niall Buckley
Player you would most like to have on BME team: Conor Gormley (Tyrone)
Best Player ever played against: The late Alan Fanning
Career High: Leinster Junior 2004 (Managed by Jarleth!!!)
Career Low: Losing the Intermediate Final
Best advice ever given or received: “Always practice kicking with your bad foot”
The biggest influence on you as a player: The late Frank Gorman
The best BME player you played with: PJ McGrath
Best BME player ever: Kevin Burke, never saw him play but he captained a Senior championship winning team
Best manager ever played under: Mick Murtagh
Team hate playing against the most: Grange
Favourite meal before a match: Pasta
Worst dressed on the team: Colin Clarke
Laziest trainer on the team: Kieran Doyle
Who eats all the sugary buns after training: Tommy Archibald
Mary Browne’s cooking out of ten: 11, you can’t beat it
Who would you most like to go on a date with: Anyone of the Pussycat Dolls!!
If you could be anyone for a day: James Bond
Typical night out: Haydens and then The Court
What you would like to see in your lifetime: BME to win the Senior championship………..oh and world peace!!! (He has his priorities in order!!)
Favourite Drink: Tea although I do like a tipple of Guinness
Favourite Film: The Money Pit
Favourite song: Belfast Child Sings Again by Simple Minds

William O’ Donoghue

Ballymore Eustace-Eustace’s Proud Handball Record –Part 8

My parents, Doctor Willie and Brigid Purcell, came to live in Ballymore Eustace the day John McGrath, the owner of a successful Public House and Grocery Store (now Pat Murphy's premises), died. John died on December 22, 1950. As my father had played handball in his school days it was no great surprise that his children became interested in the game soon after our arrival in Ballymore Eustace. Dan, Billy, Paddy and myself played under the protective eye of the Doctor. Dan and myself had our first taste of handball success when we both won singles tournaments in Newbridge College in 1957. That year too, Dan partnered Pat Clarke in minor soft doubles when they were narrowly beaten by Joe Clery and Paddy Reilly of Wicklow. In the eighties, Dan was closely associated with handball in Ferns and was a driving force behind the building of a 40 by 20 alley there. On October 30, 1988 the Ferns alley was officially opened and John Browne and Sean O'Leary played Dan and myself in one of the games on the opening programme.

In 1958 Robin Winder and myself were awarded the All-Ireland minor hard doubles title after a re-fixture of the final was ordered following a successful objection by our County Board and our opponents did not turn up for the re-fixture. Two years later I had my most successful season when I qualified for four Leinster finals winning three and went on to qualify for three All-Ireland finals winning two. In partnership with John Browne, Paddy won the 1962 Leinster minor hard doubles title and they were narrowly beaten in the All-Ireland final. A month later Paddy became ill and died a short time later in February 1963. Billy and myself in 1964 were on the winning UCD team when UCD took the Intervarsity title beating UCG in the final. In 1959, James won the first under14 soft singles Club tournament which was run in many years narrowly beating Will Hennessy in the final. James was Secretary of the Club in 1967 when the Club had one of its most successful years.

Having won a number of provincial titles I graduated to the senior ranks in 1973 when I won All-Ireland junior hard singles and doubles medals. In 1981 I achieved my life's handball­ing ambition when I partnered Pius Winder to win the All-Ireland senior hard doubles title. For good measure I was part of Ballymore Eustace's successful Novice 40 by 20 All-Ireland winning team. In 1984 I partnered Pat Kirby of Clare to success in the World Masters 40 by 20 doubles championships.

Willie over the years was noted for marking handball matches played in Ballymore Eustace and in my early years provided me with transport to my games all around the country. Brigid, for her part, held the keys of the 60 by 30 alley and collected the light money for many years. Both of them supported me in all my most important matches and were present at all my most important wins. In addition to playing the game I was also involved in its administration holding key positions both at Club and County Board levels. In 1963, at the prompting of Joe Lynch, General Handball Secretary, I re-established the UCD Handball Club. I had the honour of serving on the Committee that built the 60 by 30 alley for the 1970 World Championships at Croke Park. Somewhere along the line I became the unofficial Club historian and at this point I can claim 50 years service in that role.

© Matt Purcell (December, 2008)

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