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Ballymore Eustace Scoil Mhuire Do Their Bit for National Spring Clean

A willing, and enthusiastic group of students from Scoil Mhuire volunteered to clear the Ballymore streets of litter. On the last day of April - under the watchful eyes of Tommy Barker, Martin Deegan, Jimmy Pearse, and Eric Firth - they descended to attack the litter befouling the streets of the village. No discarded can, paper, or other item of rubbish escaped their sharp eyes and quick hands. In the end, they collected many large sacks crammed full with rubbish; and the village looked the better for it – let us hope it stays that way. The young people set a wonderful example to us all. Part of the Scoil Mhuire team was made up from their Green School Committee, which is under the leadership of school head, Mairead O’Flynn. They operate a very impressive, well-organised and comprehensive Green School Action Plan, with lots of great ideas, and a marvellous way of getting people involved and interested in environmental matters at an early age. Scoil Mhuire attained Green School status some two years ago – a very impressive achievement.

The Clean Up was part of National Spring Clean. Now in its tenth year, National Spring Clean is Ireland’s biggest anti‑litter campaign; it encourages people from all walks of life to take pride in their local environment and to take action against litter. The event runs throughout the whole month of April.

One lesson learnt from picking up other peoples’ litter is that it is far easier to discard litter without thought than it is to pick it up; but it is so easy to put the litter in a bin, in the first place, or take it home for safe and correct disposal later.

The BME Tidy Towns group will be submitting their entry, on behalf of the village, for the 2008 competition in May. During July and August Ballymore Eustace will be visited unannounced – on two or more occasions – by the Tidy Towns adjudicators. They will be looking at the village with a mind to the following judgement categories:

Overall Developmental Approach
The Built Environment
Wildlife and Natural Amenities
Litter Control
Waste Minimisation
Residential Areas
Roads, Street, and Back Areas
General Impression

Hopefully, we will improve our score this year. Keeping the village free of litter and tidy is a daunting task, but it can be relieved if everybody – residents and visitors alike – do their bit. Please, do not drop litter; place it in the bin or take it home with you. Residents of the village can be a great help, providing they are able, if they maintain the immediate area around their doorstep litter and weed free.
The Ballymore Eustace Tidy Towns group carry out a clean-up around the village every Monday evening throughout the summer. We meet in the Square at 7pm. All are welcome to join us and lend a hand! Bring gloves, a trowel, and yourselves to help us pick up litter and rubbish, and to remove weeds along the walkways and paths.

BIG SMILES, LOUD LAUGHS, HANDSHAKES AND “HIGH FIVES”! That’s how all our games and matches finished on Sunday 20th April as the club held its annual tournament in Newbridge. With 3 courts to play on, the members were split into six groups.
Groups 1 – 3 played from 10am to 1pm
Groups 4 – 6 played from 1pm to 4pm
All games and matches were played in great spirit and enjoyed so much by everyone. Thanks to all the folk who came to watch and support us, it is very much appreciated. Well done to all for taking part and for showing fantastic progress, which was kindly expressed by our supporters! Medals were awarded to all following their 3 hours of play and members had to wait till Tuesday 22nd April for results of winners in each group (see below).

* Absent from tournament but a big part of our club

The players ; Hannah Molloy, Molly Butler, Michael Byrne, Ciara Mahon, Zoe Louise Rigney, Eabha Gilroy, *Roisin Murphy, *Orla Murphy, *Claire Murphy

The youngest members of our club started the tournament with the “Hoop” game. This followed with mixed games on Court 1 and from the start a clear leader Molly with Michael close behind. Ciara then narrowed the gap but Zoe Louise and Eabha were clocking up points fast. Molly and Hannah finished best for the final game.

Winner Molly Butler 2nd Eabha Gilroy 3rd Zoe Louise Rigney 4th Hannah Molloy

The players ; Katie Gilroy, Cian Duggan, Zara Mc Mullen, Lee Mc Mullen, Jamie Mahon, Mary Kate Langan, Rayanne Butler, Emma Slevin Doyle, Abby Foster, Savannagh Fisher, Anna Conway, *Hannah Murphy.

On Court 2 Savannagh, Abby and Emma charged off in the “Champions” game of round 1. Then Lee, Katie, Rayanne and Zara had big scores in round 2. Cian, Mary Kate, Jamie and Anna played best in round 3 but the “Hoop” game really tested the serve and accuracy of all in this group. Back to the court for a final round and Lee, Savannagh and Abby all finished best.

Winner Abby Foster 2nd Savannagh Fisher 3rd Emma Slevin Doyle 4th Lee Mc Mullen

The players ; Laura Darby, Simon Murphy, Jemma Molloy, Saoirse Byrne, John Charles Lawlor, Thomas Byrne, Cillian Barrett, John Daly, Stephen Davis, Aoife Luccan, Evan Keogh, *Kim Kelly, *Sean Murphy.

On Court 3 starting off with a “Champions” game this group was so competitive! Round 1 had Stephen, Laura, Simon and Aoife ahead. Jemma, Saoirse and John Charles all scored high in round 2. Then Cillian, John, Thomas and Evan really found their form in round 3. Three “Doubles” matches were also played with members mixed for each one and all points counted. Three clear rounds and winning scores of 21 for Saoirse, Laura, Jemma and Simon. Two wins and a 19 put both Cillian and Aoife in with a say too! So close at the finish with just 1 point separating 1st and 2nd place

Winner Simon Murphy 2nd Laura Darby 3rd Aoife Luccan 4th Jemma Molloy

The players; Enda Stewart Byrne, Joe Hayden, Natasha Murphy, Lynn Barrett, Dylan Curran, Kismet Hamilton, Grace Kerr, Clodagh Barrett, Lauryn Mac Namara, Margaret Hayden, Amy Mahon, Mark Daly, *Rowan Hamilton, *Kiva Sammon, *Annie Mae De Cleir, *Jennifer Mahon, *Abby Harris.

The biggest group and hardest one to win in. Members were mixed for 4 full matches to 21 and all winning and losing scores counted. Margaret, Natasha, Amy and Mark won 3 of their 4, Kismet won 2 and high scores of 19 & 20 in her other 2 matches put her in with a big say. Enda, Clodagh, Joe and Dylan played very well and also had wins and close finishes. Lauryn and Grace battled out the longest rally of the tournament, so enjoyable for all to watch. Margaret and Lynn won a vital 21 in their final match to keep up their scores and again at the finish just 3 points separated 1st and 2nd place.

Winners Amy Mahon 2nd Natasha Murphy 3rd Margaret Hayden
& Mark Daly & Kismet Hamilton & Lynn Barrett


The players; Harry Murphy, Mairead Byrne, Ciara Langan, Lucy Field, Shannon Slevin Doyle, Shane Barrett, Joanna Burke Hayes, Fionnuala O Connor, Kathleen Keane, Declan Davis, *Siobhan Murphy, *Amy Kelly, * Hazel Stewart Byrne, *Ryan Wilson Black, *Craig Byrne.

Each member mixed for five matches to 21 and from the start these were so competitive. As with Group 4, all winning and losing scores counted. Joanna won 4 and only dropped 2 points against Shane and Declan, who each won 3 of their 5 matches. Shannon, Harry and Mairead also won 3 and high scores of 19 & 20 in losing matches put them in with a big shout. Lucy, Ciara, Fionnuala & Kathleen played super and also finished very close. “Match of the Day” was Fionnuala and Joanna against Kathleen and Harry, a nail biting finish for all in this group!

Winners Joanna Burke Hayes 2nd Mairead Byrne 3rd Shane Barrett
& Harry Murphy & Shannon Slevin Doyle & Declan Davis


The players; Simon Ellis, Laura Cullen, Stephen Murphy, Jude O Keefe, Aaron Slevin Doyle, Patrick Langan, Molly Cullen, Niamh Nolan, *Danielle Kelly, *Orla Whelan, *Jay Curley, *Sean Kelly, *Philip Tyrell, *Rebecca Kelly.

The over 13’s members of the club battled out 3 ladies and 3 mens doubles matches. Stephen and Aaron beat Simon and Patrick by just one point for the opening match on court 1. Laura and Molly had a hard fought opening game in just beating Niamh and Jude. Stephen and Simon refused to let any points go and played each match like it was a final! Some mixed doubles matches were played and finishing places remained the same.

Winners Stephen Murphy 2nd Niamh Nolan 3rd Molly Cullen
& Simon Ellis & Laura Cullen & Patrick Langan


The Ryston tournament awards were held in The Square following the Parade on Tuesday 22nd April. After playing their hearts out the previous Sunday, each member gathered together and hoped their name would be called for a trophy. Rose Barrett O Donoghue announced the winners from the six groups and reminded the members who just missed out “not to give up, your winning day will come soon”. Rose then announced a special Thank You to Jude O Keefe for her participation with both younger and older members at the club each week. Jude (with a beaming smile) then accepted a trophy in appreciation from all at the club.


The clubs perpetual cup was won for the first time last year by Laura Cullen. Each year various members “shine” at different times. So many members with so many wonderful qualities……All well behaved, kind, thoughtful and progressing super. Holder of the cup Laura was presented with an engraved trophy to remember her achievement in 2007.

Rose then announced Joanna Burke Hayes as the 2008 Player of the Year. A fantastic roar from her friends, family and fellow members was well deserved. Laura then presented Joanna with the cup and more cheers followed for a very popular young lady. Joanna is 12 years old and lives in Ballymore with proud parents Larry and Carol, siblings Joshua and Ruth. She is in sixth class in Scoil Mhuire and loves badminton! A member of the club since it began in 2005, Joanna hasn’t missed a season and never misses an hour each Thursday. She has made huge progress and despite beating everyone around her, she still finds time to encourage others in their improvement on court. Well done to Joanna from all at the club.


The Black Hoodies loved every minute of our first march in a parade. A wonderful banner and nets were proudly carried by the members through the streets of Ballymore with beaming smiles amid great cheers from onlookers. The banner and nets were kindly made by Alan and Sandra Priestly, (Julie’s parents) and all at the club wish to thank them for their time and support.
L. B.

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