Wednesday, August 8, 2007

End a the dream (on baby)

RTE it had them beat, no point in even voting,
Mike and Jeffers did agree, without the sugar coating,
Enda was new Taoiseach, so everybody said,
If you voted Fianna Fail, you’d better stay in bed.

Away I went on Thursday, down to my old school,
A place I’m not too fond of, where I often felt a fool,
The man behind the desk said, “I’m not sure about your face,”
When driving licence was produced, my vote now I could place.

Friday morning it dawned clear, the meeja were exasperated,
Reports of Bertie’s quick demise did seem exaggerated,
The economy was the issue, the country he might carry,
It was a performance worthy of, your man Houdini, Harry.

Settling in from work that day, with Dobbo in full fight,
The transfers would be vital; we could be up for half the night,
It came from Dublin mid- west, scarier than Banquo’s ghost,
It is another miracle, Harney’s past the post.

Surely soothsayers were proved wrong, especially in Kildare,
The two Seans in the south, big smiles did they wear,
Another Kitt, one Aine, went in with Michael Fitz,
FG were decimated, the P.D’s were in bits.

Some goodly folk had vanished, Higgins gone from Dublin West,
Crowe didn’t fly in Tallaght, Parlon country failed the test,
There’s no O’Malleys in the Dail, Lovely Liz she won’t be back,
What will John Gormley do at all, without his Mickey Mac.

You hear talk of the big squeeze, of mandates, quotas too,
It was a reasonable night if your shirt was the colour blue,
Of how to elect candidates of vote management to clash,
But best approval rating came for Bill O’ Dea's moustache.

Brian Cowan too, he got more votes than sand grains in Sahara,
A fitting election swansong for the man that’s just called Mara,
Mary O’Rourke’s back in vogue, that woman sure is canny,
But she just reminds me of someone’s slightly bonkers nanny.

And down Wickla way they had to shut the jacks,
It was just another item that Dick surely did banjax,
But Roche he proved his mettle and showed he was the man,
He beat McManus, Timmins and that new lad with the tan.

So Fianna Fail did drop a few, and Fine Gael did gain,
The Greens and Shinners just stood still; P.D.’s had all the pain,
Labour survived also, but it’s Bertie who did the trick,
They say he’s got no skin at all, just material non-stick.

© T.R. 2007

Minister for the Environment, Dick Roche T.D. recently opened the New Estate Walk at Russborough House. The house is open every day to September from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Combined with the beautiful walks and the maze, not to mention the delicious food available in the coffee shop ,homecooked food, lasagne, shepherds pie or quiche. homemade soup. And delicious desserts,makes for Russborough a different and exciting place to visit. Russborough provides employment with some 15 locals working there during the season.

Tim’s diary
Brought to you in association with The Naas Voice/Kildare Voice
Every Tuesday, Your Voice for Your Views.

I woke up on Friday morning to find a lot of my friends missing. People I had been seeing every day for the last three weeks had vanished. The two Seans, Richard and Alan together with their bosses Enda and Bertie had snuck away in the night. Thankfully we still the three J’s JJ, Jane and Jack to keep us company. It was a fairly quick clean up wasn’t it.

It’s great to hear Robert Dunlop back on radio in the mornings doing the “Living Word” with my favourite morning woman, Maxi. Indeed we are “well minded” before 7.

Elsewhere Michael Wards piece on St. Charles of Mount Argus strikes a chord in my memory as well. Does anyone recall a little Passionist brother who used to collect around the village? Brother Oliver was his name and he seemed to be coming to Ballymore for what seemed like fifty or so years. He had through various stages of his travels, a very large old English motorbike. He also wore very practical work boots as he went about his business collecting funds for Mount Argus. He was a most humble man with a gentle Northern accent and always made sure of not intruding into people’s houses where he would not have been known. He stayed with Nancy Graham when he visited the area and, having so many cups of tea in his travels, he must have been floating leaving the village.

Staying with matters celestial, Rome’s gain is Kilcullen’s loss as father Andrew departs for the Eternal city to further his education. Aside from being a fantastic attribute to Kilcullen he was very helpful to Sean Breen and myself. He always was ready to help us in our endeavors and could always see the funny side of the coin even when things were going wrong. Slan a mhic.

The Dubs and Meath have to have at it again to see who goes through the front door in Leinster. The flags and the jerseys disappeared in work very rapidly following the draw. No doubt they will make an appearance should Coyle’s men prevail in the re-match. My only comment on the match is that Graham Geraghty would have been well suited to the Dail. The wink finished me of any regard that I did hold to his footballing skills.

Community Alert.
A survey to establish there area involved is currently being carried out. We are also checking to see what signs need to be repaired or replaced or if new ones are required.

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