Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tims Diary for January 2007

First it was Xmas, but now an even bigger abomination in the form of Crimbo has come into general usage. What a horrible chav word. Do we have to adopt the worst examples of our near neighbours? We should get back to the proper use of the term Christmas.

Staying with the festive season, one of the highlights for me was the Children’s Nativity play on the Sunday before Christmas. What a brilliant performance. The Senior Infants of Scoil Mhuire and friends put on a wonderful tableau of the Nativity story. The work put in by ???? Browne, Liam Lawler, Martina Byrne and Tracey O’Connor made sure that all the cues were met and the performance ran smoothly. With a brilliant narrative by Mairead Byrne, the assorted shepherds, angels maji an leading players sang and acted their hearts out. Well doe to everyone involved.

I see that one of Kesh’s predecessors has been appointed as Dean of St. Finbar’s Cathedral in Cork. Rev. Nigel Dunne spent sometime in his native county before moving on to bigger and better things.

Cutting slightly across Angie, I managed to read a few books over the holiday period. The most memorable was Timmy Murphy’s autobiography, “Riding the Storm.” If you have an interest in racing or indeed sport of any code it is well worth the money. To read of the ups and downs of the local jockey put me in mind of Mr. Kipling. No, not the cake maker you heathens. “ If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat these two imposters just the same.” A cautionary tale.

And tying together the twin themes of racing and religion together nicely. Our local tipster Capt Keen was on rare form this year. Reeling off a rake of winners, Nickname, Schindler’s Hunt, and De Valira amongst them. A healthy profit to be had for followers.
Following the laying of the water main some time ago, the condition in which the road was left was appalling. Despite a number of incidents in which various local people suffered damage to their vehicles the solution has been slow to materialize. Therefore it is good to see some action at long last. However, the adherence to basic health and safety and traffic management is so poor that it inspires no confidence in either the contractor, Coffey Construction or the principal, Kildare County Council.

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